BLOGMAS DAY 9 || Gingerbread houses....


My sisters and I decided to do Gingerbread houses, although I kind of made Megan and Candice do them but they enjoyed it in the end. It's something none of us have ever done before and I kind of know why, because Candice and I both hate gingerbread and with Candice's pregnancy-ness at the moment she couldn't stand the smell of the ginger and it was making her feel sick but she powered on through. 

It was so much fun and although I got extremely stressed in the beginning because the house wouldn't stay together by the end I really enjoyed it, I just didn't like the whole structural part lol. We all kind of got competitive doing it Megan and Candice were arguing saying each other had copied one another and then they turned on me haha. Candice admittedly did a great job but she is the artistic one of us me and meg don't have the patience for all of that. 

So here are our gingerbread houses and they might not look professional but we had great fun making them and I personally think all people should try it. They weren't expensive at all I think about £3.50 per house and you got all the gingerbread and the icing which surprisingly went a long way and you got some sweeties along with it. I personally wanted lots of different sweeties so brought some extra bits for us to use which was easy and cheap as it's Christmas and sweets and chocolates are really cheap at the moment. 

Just so you know as well I appreciate that I look horrid in these pictures but I was having a no make-up can't be bothered with my appearance kind of day as I was just seeing my sisters and my nephews.  You can also tell I hadn't been on my oxygen for a few hours by my skin tone lol :D 

Have any of you tried gingerbread houses? How did they turn out? 
Who's did you like the best? 
As always, thank-you for reading guys and Merry Christmas 


  1. I've been looking for a Gingerbread House kit for ages, hopefully my local store has this.


  2. I got mine from Tesco Petrina. My sister says they have them in Asda though and a friend of mine sai=ys they have them in Waitrose too :)

  3. Thank you, I'll have a look around. I really want to make my own gingerbread but I just need the cutters.


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