Merry Christmas...

Hello my lovelies. 

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and were surrounded by your loved ones. I'm so sorry Blogmas kind of went to pot at the end there, I was just so ill by the end of it and doing anything interesting to actually write about was physically impossible. I am feeling much better though; my virus is completely gone, my chest infection is pretty much gone, I do however have a cold but that is nothing and can be totally dealt with. So I'm a pretty healthy-ish Stacie at the moment and hopefully the remainder of 2014 will stay that way. 

Christmas was a pretty quiet affair in the Pridden household. My dad was working 6am to 6pm so unfortunately missed the majority of it bless him, Mum and I just chilled in the morning and started opening our presents about 7:15am and I got some lovely, lovely gifts which I appreciate so much. I honestly cannot thank my Mum, Dad, Sisters, family and friends enough they always go above and beyond when it comes to gift giving and its hard to express how much I appreciate the love and thought that goes into each and every one no matter how big or small they are. Obviously the best part is spending the day with my family, me and mum had such a chilled out morning and afternoon. Megan and James visited about mid afternoon to give us their gifts and just spend a bit of time together. We then popped over to my older sisters house were two very excitable nephews awaited us. I gave them something little this year but their main present from me was pantomime tickets which I cannot wait to go see. It will be fantastic! 

Now that Christmas is over I can just spend some time with my friends who are down for Christmas as quality friend time is way overdue and I can just focus on staying as healthy as I can for when my Transplant does finally happen because it has to be soon (She wishes secretly to herself).  

Something really sad that did happen on Christmas Day that maybe didn't make it start off on a great note was that I got a text off a PH friends mum letting me know that she had died a few days previously it was Sara who wrote the blog "The Girl With Heart Disease"  and she featured on my BLOGMAS DAY 5 || A Pre-Transplant Christmas... post and it is just so very sad that she didn't manage to get her transplant in time or celebrate Christmas with her family. This is the very reason that me and my transplant and Ph friends are always constantly trying to do anything that we can do to try and raise as much awareness as possible because too many people just are not making it and that is just so so sad and shouldn't be happening. 

I'll leave the link to the NHS Organ donation page HERE but as always it is my sidebar and in my "Related Pages" page too so you can always access whenever you are on my blog. 

I won't ramble on any longer but I really hope that whatever it is you have been up to this festive period you have had a great time :). 
As always, thank-you for reading guys and chat soon


  1. I absolutely love that pale yellow instax camera and I'm glad you had a nice Christmas!! It's great that you're raising awareness for such a serious issue that is definitely in need of help. These things really shouldn't be happening...

    The Life of Little

  2. Aww thanks I actually got it for christmas I've been looking forward to it since July! Lol! I hope you had a great christmas!!!

    Stacie xoxo


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