Enjoying the firsts...

Waiting for a transplant is boring, really boring and there are some who believe they can't do things just in case you get that all important call. I however have never really been one of those people, obviously it's hard to do everything you want to do because your body just won't let you do some things but I take a lot of pleasure in the small things. 

I have always wanted to experience "The Firsts" with my nephews and I am very lucky that I am close enough with my sister and nephews that I get to experience those types of things with them. Like Jaydon's first snow, first Christmases, first birthdays, seeing santa, all those lovely things and I like to experience as many of them as I can just in case. 

I got to experience taking my Nephew to his First ever Pantomime!!! As children me and my sisters always went with our Primary school to the annual panto, we always loved them they are some of my most vivid memories as a child, I think it's because it was so exciting and you weren't with your parents and you were with all your school friends and it was just new and exciting. It has been 12 years since my last pantomime though, it has always seemed like something you should take a kid to rather than a bunch of 20 year olds going along by themselves. So for Christmas I brought 7 tickets to our local Pantomime which was Dick Whittington this year. I know I've seen Dick Whittington before but I couldn't for the life of me remember what it was about, well now I know lol.

So My mum, Candice, Jaydon, Megan, James, Gina and I all went to the panto. It has to be the cheesiest thing you will ever watch in a theatre but it's the good kind of cheesy and the kids could get involved as well and I just loved it. It was a bit odd that the "cat" in it was a topless man (thank god he wasn't a rotund man lol), my mum had just said to Jaydon "Oh Jaydon a fluffy cat is going to come out" my nephew was however his cute little self and said "He's not a cat he's just pretending" it was the cutest thing ever! 

I wish Spencer had been a bit older but there is no way that he would have been able to sit still and behave himself for two and half hours. My Dad was working but we will book next years Panto and make sure he gets it off as Panto is right up my dads street. It took Megan and Gina a little while to get into it but by the end they were singing along and doing all the moves and we even managed to get a laugh out of James :-D

It is one of the firsts I have always wanted to experience with my nephews and I am so happy I got to. Hopefully I'll get to experience it with Spencer when he's a little older and then with Baby no-name who is on the way. 

As always, thank-you for reading guys and chat soon

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