Mini make-up haul...

I decided to buy a few make-up bits just to refresh my look a bit for the coming months, I get easily  bored with my current make-up habits so like to change it up a bit. So here is what I brought. 

Maybelline expression Kajal eyeliner in the shade 37 Green [£2.99]

I don't often buy Green Eyeliner but I do on occasion like to wear it and with it being spring soon I thought it would be good to wear it again as I think green eyeliner tends to be more of a Spring thing. 

Maybelline expression Kajal eyeliner in the shade 38 Brown [£2.99]

Through winter I tend to wear a lot of Black eyeliner and sometimes that just gets a bit boring so I thought I would replenish my brown eyeliner stock and soften up my eye look a bit and brown eyeliner is always a sure fire way to that. 

Maybelline Color Tattoo in the shade 05 Eternal Gold & 35 On and on Bronze [£4.99 each]

Through autumn and winter I wear a lot of very dark browns and I just want to lighten up eye look a bit but gold and bronze still keep it really warm as I'm still very much a brown, gold tones kind of gal

Benefit BAD gal lash mascara [£17.50]

I have been in the market for a new mascara for a while I normally stick to my trusted "Benefit They're Real" mascara but I was getting a bit bored of it and although I still love it I just wanted something new. Now I understand that this is still the same brand i think the mascara is completely different. I actually got The mini BADgal lash mascara in my advent calendar in December and I found that I really, really loved it. The brush is a bristle brush which I really like and seems to just work with my eyes, it's not too clumpy either which you sometimes find with bristle brushes compared to plastic applicators. I personally just really love it.

Is there any make-up which you would recommend for coming out of the festive season? 

As always, thank-you for reading guys and chat soon 


  1. I wear On & On Bronze on my lazy days when I can't be bothered but still need to put some effort in, I love it!

    Megan xo
    Thumbelina Lillie | UK Beauty & Fashion Blog

  2. That is exactly what it is great for Megan!!! I'm really loving it especially with the amount of lazy days I'm having haha!!! xoxo


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