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Hello my lovelies. I love books I just sometimes don't have the time to read them, or I'm just not in the mood to read them. I'll want to read a book but just am not in the kind of frame of mind that I would be able to concentrate on actually reading one. I am a massive fan of audiobooks they are perfect for me when I am just too tired to read one, which tends to be just before bed, and they are also perfect when I don't want to watch tv or movies and want to read a book but just can't settle into it. 

I have always loved audiobooks and that might sound strange as I am 24 years old and were audiobooks really around back in the 90's when I was growing up? The answer to that was yes, yes they were. Not in the form we now know them as everything is so digital nowadays but when I was a young'un we had these mystical things called cassette tapes, that is how I remember audiobooks as a child. We had a tonne of really magical stories, some of my most vivid memories as child are of me and Megan listening to a few particular cassette tapes while we were going to sleep. One was of a little girl who was poor and homeless I think and I think it was called the candle girl or something but I remember be mesmerised by it. There was another I can really remember as well and I think was maybe the starting point of mine and Megan's fascination with magic and magical worlds and it was about a toy shop that would come to life at night and every time I think about listening to those tapes as children it just makes me smile so much. This love of audiobooks was increased when I went into my Year 6 class in Junior school (2001-2002) so I was turning 11 at the time, Harry Potter had just become massive even though I had been reading them since they came out but my teacher at the time Miss Bevan was obsessed with Harry Potter. Our class table names were Hogwarts houses so the smartest table was Ravenclaw, then Gryffindor, then Slytherin, then Hufflepuff. Nowadays I would definitely say I'm a Gryffindor but back then I was a Ravenclaw, anyway onto my actual point if our class had been really, really good we got to listen to Harry Potter for about 30 minutes and I absolutely loved it. Bear in mind this was just before the Philosopher Stone came out in the cinema so having Steven Fry's voice coming out of a sound system just ignited you're imagination like nothing had at that point. So if we wanted to listen to Harry Potter that week, we were good!

I actually don't have Harry Potter on audiobook and it actually kills me that I don't but I just don't have the spare money to buy all 7 books on audiobook, I would do it if Audible had them but the only way to get them is through the Pottermore store or extortionately priced CD's on various websites so I will survive is the moral of that story. 

Nowadays though I pay £7.99 a month through Audible and you get one audiobook a month which I personally think is really great value for money especially when some audiobooks can cost twenty odd pound. In the past month I have listened to 4 audiobooks. Three of those audiobooks are books that I have actually read and done reviews on previously; Beautiful Disaster, Walking Disaster and The Night Circus. All of them were brilliantly done and it keeps me happy and ignites my imagination as they currently don't have movies which I would love for them to have just a fyi. 

The fourth audiobook that I have most recently listened to was called "The Bone Clocks" by a guy called David Mitchell. I have never read a book by David Mitchell before so I had no idea going in what it would be like but I must say I think the audiobook was very well done it was read by 4/5 different people which I loved because sometimes it does get a bit boring listening to the same person reading to you so I loved that however that being said I still can't decide how I felt about the book itself. It was different to the books I normally read it wasn't what I would call a romance book although there were definitely elements of that in there, it isn't a supernatural/sci-fi/fantasy book either but there were also elements of that in there too. 

The book essentially follows a girl by the name of Holly Sykes from the age of 15 (1984) she's just found her 24 year old boyfriend cheating on her with her best friend when she has just told her parents to go stuff themselves and she can be with her boyfriend and live in the real world. Too proud to return home after discovering her boyfriend and best friend she decides to disappear for a few days to prove she's not a kid anymore. During those few days we discover that as a child Holly heard voices called "The Radio people" and made a friend with a woman who now she's older she just presumes was imaginary, we also discover that her brother Jacko is a bit on the strange side (all will be revealed later in the book), on her journey Holly bumps into a old woman who is fishing and because Holly is so thirsty asks if she could have some of her green tea and the old woman kindly obliges in exchange for "asylum" this becomes clearer later on in the book. Whilst on this journey Holly witnesses strange things which she later forgets but they always stay with her. We then jump through different peoples perspectives but it stays along with Holly's life, so next we go to 1992 with a guy call Hugo who is somewhat of a love interest and something else, then 2005 with Ed Burbank Holly's husband, 2015 the 2020's and finally in the 2040's. I personally am not entirely happy with how it ends I really just wanted to know how it ended for everyone and I just don't get that, we obviously get to know how it ends for Holly but there are some characters that the loose ends just don't get tied and that infuriates me to no end. All that being said it is such an intriguing read and something entirely new for me and I would completely recommend it if you're looking for something different. I would give it a 7/8 just because those ends really do annoy me.        

Have you been reading or listening to anything really great lately? Would you like me to do this more often? Let me know. 

As always, thank-you for reading guys and chat soon

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