Valentines lush haul...

We all know I love Lush and so when I found out that Lush had bought out their Valentines range I had to go out and buy some and I must say I was not disappointed. I didn't buy all of it because I'm not a massive fan of soaps and I know they have a few in the range so I just went with what I like most. 

Firstly we have the Love Locket Bath Bomb [£6.95] I had this last year and I absolutely loved it. The reason it is so expensive is because it is supposed to last a few baths, now if you are anything like me I have zero patience for splitting up the bath bomb and saving the rest of it and therefore I just use the whole thing but if you aren't like me it can last up to 3 baths which is good value for money for £6.95. 

Then we have the Prince Charming Shower Gel [4.75] normally I don't really buy lush shower gels I'm more of a Soap and Glory gal when it comes to shower gels and creams but this really smells lovely. It isn't too sweet but definitely has a distinct smell. It is made with Marshmallow root, Vanilla, and pomegranate juice. 

I'm running low on Bubble bars and brought two the Heart Throb Bubbleroon [£3.65] and Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar [£3.25] the Heart Throb bubble bar sends the bath bright red and has lots of glitter in it and also has shea butter in which is always lovely. The Unicorn Horn is quite floral smelling so definitely something for when you want a fresh smelling bath. 

Finally we have the Floating Flower Bath Bomb [£3.50] and as the name suggests it is very floral smelling as it's packed full of Jasmine but also has Ylang Ylang oil in and I cannot wait to use it :) 

Is there anything from Lush's Valentines range you want to try? or would recommend? 

As always, thank-you for reading guys and chat soon


  1. I love Lush! I treat myself to a bathbomb at least once a week. I am so excited to try Prince Charming and the Locket. I asked for it for Valentine's day so I hope I get it! Do you have a favorite bathbomb of all time?

  2. Oooh you've inspired me to go to Lush and get them all!
    Lovely post xx


  3. love lush! came across your blog through cider with rosie and so glad i did!

  4. Love LUSH! I post hauls all the time over on my blog, if you have a minute then please check it out (www.emilynewstead.blogspot.co.uk).


    Emily xo


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