An Amazing Week...

This week has been crazy! So, so crazy! Where to start really? I don't even know.
So I suppose Monday would be the place to start. The "Give your heart this Valentines" video went live along with the website giveyourheart.co.uk which was amazing and I loved that I got to take part in it even if I was mentally cringing at the fact all my PH friends, Transplant friends, Family and Friends were seeing it. I kept hearing it and had to keep my eyes and ears shut off for a while. It's not that the video was bad, it's not! It was just I see so many flaws in myself that I can't watch myself on screen but everyone seemed to like it and I was satisfied that everyone within my circle of people seemed to enjoy it. I honestly didn't expect many more people outside of our like "community" if you will to see it but they did LOL. 
Later that day it was shared on several Facebook pages one in particular got a lot of views at the moment it's at about 515,000 which is insane. There was a few negative comments and like anything the negative ones tend to stand out way more than the positives but I just ignored them. They were mainly about my appearance and they weren't anything I hadn't already said to myself about a million times before although I probably haven't ever called myself a troll LOL. Mainly the feedback was really positive though. 
On the Tuesday I got a phone call asking me if I was free to go on Good Morning Britain on Thursday morning because they were interested in running the story and I just had to make sure someone could come with me because I can't really go places by myself so much anymore just in case something happens to me. Megan managed to get Wednesday afternoon off and Thursday off too and that meant we could go. Unlucky for Megan that meant they wanted her on the show when they found out she was going and she refused for the majority of the trip but then we got there and she was fine about it LOL. We stayed in a really lovely hotel and the bed was actually super comfortable which I was surprised with because I never find hotel beds comfortable unfortunately I didn't sleep at all I drifted off between midnight and 1am but then Megan started sleep talking and I was awake! 
Thursday morning we arrived at ITV studios at about 7:15am and we got to talk to the producer and some of the other lovely ladies who work at itv. I got to meet Vicky who was there on behalf of Dare and to look after me and Meg and she was so lovely! I had my make-up done and once again it was "TV" make-up something you can only understand if you ever had it but I already had foundation on because I was worried they may not have time to do my make-up but oh no that didn't matter they were perfectly happy to plaster a tonne more on top you honestly feel like if you smile you face will crack that much foundation was on my face LOL. 
Me and Meg got to meet Ben Shephard and Susanna Reid and they were Super lovely and Ben requested a photo as I hadn't brought my phone in with me as it was going a bit crazy with notifications and I was afraid it would go off. We did though and I love the photo! I think the interview went well though I decided after that I should have flattened the right side of my hair down and I really shouldn't have worn a baggy cardigan as it made me look chunky but I can't go back in time haha.
Friday I did a interview with BBC Radio Wiltshire which was really cool I got to go to their radio station and do it live which I haven't done since I was 16 you can clearly hear how out of breath I am on it but I actually really enjoyed that interview. I also did a interview with the Swindon advertiser when I got home and it was supposed to go out yesterday but didn't for some reason so I'm guessing it's happening Monday or something because the lady did mention doing a feature so that would make sense even if it is after Valentines day lol! 
Finally yesterday Dare the people who made the video sent me the most wonderful gift. A massive box turned up at my house addressed to me and full of just so much stuff I didn't quite understand. It was full of perfume, creams, make-up, nail varnishes, Naked, Urban Decay, Benefit, Estee Lauder, Nars there was a lot of stuff I couldn't quite believe my eyes There was even two toys for my cats, how cute is that?! And they even sent Megan a present for looking after them on filming day and she was delighted also. I keep saying thank-you but I don't think that quite covers how happy and thankful I am with this present because it was just so unexpected. I don't feel like I even did anything that deserved a present, I just felt like I was doing what I should do. I'm a great believer in me earning my transplant by doing anything I can to raise awareness for PH and Organ Donation so it was just something I had to do. 
Here are some photos and at the end I will stick the links to my GMB appearance and radio interview and other links that the video appeared on :) 
Links from this week:- 
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As always, thank-you for reading guys and chat soon

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