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Hey Guys, 

So now you've seen my little film thing "Give your heart this Valentines" I can now tell you about my filming experience. Now we all know I've done news pieces and live interviews and that type of thing, well this experience was different because it involved a producer, a director, a agency, camera man, camera mans assistant guys, sound man, light men ect. So although what you saw probably doesn't seem very long or like it would need that many people in actual fact a team of about 15 people helped make it happen on the day and that's not including the people who edit it and all of that stuff afterwards.  

When asked if I would do it although I have all my superficial insecurities about myself I said "of course, yes!" because I always want to help promote organ donation in anyway I can. I can't do too much at the moment I can't raise money or do walks, or runs, or climb mountains to help but this was something I could do. It required a bit of acting on my part but it was still something I could do so I was more than willing to take part and it meant I wasn't just having another monotonous day, it was something different.

I got to meet the Director, Producer and Art Director first who were all lovely! I didn't see the producer much because he was downstairs for most of the day but The Art Director Antonia was lovely she "dressed my room" basically made it how they wanted it to look, so like changing my duvet cover because white doesn't come up well on camera, arranging pillows, adding lights and little nic-nacs to go with the theme etc. The Director was a guy called James Strong who has directed a bunch of stuff, Downtown Abbey, Doctor Who, Broadchurch etc. He was lovely and thank heaven didn't expect me to be a actress LOL 

A lot of the day was mainly spent with them setting up my room while I was getting my hair and make-up done, luckily they thought my hair was fine natural so win for my hair. Then while I was having that done I had a man kindly ask me if they could 'remove my bedroom door' I was just like "Oookay... so long as you put it back LOL," they did. Their cameras were really large and had to go in my doorway so the door was just getting in their way. They also had to put lighting outside of my house shining through my window because they couldn't have the lighting change whilst we were shooting and re shooting. I am pretty sure anybody who walked past my house that day would have thought someone had been murdered inside with the amount of lights and vans and cars outside of it. 

A lot of stuff got moved from my room that day and I don't think there was one room that didn't have at least 2 people in at a time. So we filmed the first bit and I was very nervous and I definitely think you can tell but we had to make it look like I was using a webcam when in actual fact there was a really posh camera in front of my face and we just had to keep shooting a re-shooting because thats what they do and because they weren't loosing money on having to be in my house they could shoot it as many times as they wanted. We then moved on to the bit where they zoom out and I turn and that took a lot of re-setting up because they were using a much bigger camera and were using different angles so had to reposition everything so that it's continuity wasn't interrupted. so that probably took about another hour to do. I got to chat to the camera guys who were lovely and my make-up artist who was so lovely too. Megan was downstairs with the agency ladies, Chloe, Jessica and another one whose name escapes me [they were watching it all on monitors down there] and I kept forgetting I had a mic on (or my electrical garter as I kept calling it, it was around my thigh) and she kept coming upstairs saying "we can hear everything you're saying you know?" apparently people didn't need to know about my make-up regimes, or the fact that I have enough DVD's to fill a rental store, or Matt and James ruining the movies I wanted to see for me LOL. Apparently it's hilarious to listen in on peoples conversations or at least Megan enjoyed it. 

After everything was set up to do the turn scene where you can see my line and oxygen and the heart monitor we filmed it about a million times and it developed as we went along and they brought James and Alana into it to which I think made me more comfortable with it. Then Matt and his boys changed cameras and we did 'a interview' bit which I don't know what they're doing with but they asked you know the normal questions, How long have you been waiting? What do you want to do after? Do you have a boyfriend? etc. etc. and then finally zoom in shots of things which I also don't know what they're doing with. 

It was such a fun day though and they were so lovely to me and I'm pleased I did it, even if I can't watch it again because I just cringe at how big I think I look and my wonky teeth and my high pitched voice. I still enjoyed it immensely

Here are some photos that people were kind of enough to let me take through the day :-) 

Me and Alana, doing my make-up 
I had to get a shot with the clapperboard :-)
The lovely camera-men 
Megsey pretending to be a camera lady lol 
The people who were in my room the majority of the day lol 

The lovely ladies from Dare, Chloe and Jessica. They were SO nice!!!
As always, thank-you for reading guys and chat soon

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