Give your heart this Valentines...

Hey guys, So here it is the thing I filmed!! I honestly have only watched it twice because I just cannot watch myself on film or hear my voice because all I see and hear is wonky teeth, fat face, horrible high pitched weird voice. Saying that though I have watched it and really like the way it turned out even if I did cringe the entire way through it. 

So the Campaign itself is called, as you already probably guessed, "Give your heart this Valentines". In the video you see me describing what you think would be the type of man I would want for Valentines day when in actual fact what I'm describing is a heart, because I need a heart, get it? 

If you have been reading Life is Worth the Fight for any length of time you will know what getting my transplant means to me, if at all possible it seems like it means more the longer that time goes on. In the past 6 months I have found myself getting weaker and weaker finding it very hard to do the simplest of tasks that once upon a time were easy. I have now become reliant on oxygen and can barely go an hour without it. I find that even going out for short amounts of time even with oxygen exhausts me to the point where I have to spend the remainder of the day in bed, although that being said I refuse to do the wheelchair thing unless it's for a really long day out. I just want to have that bit of normalcy back in my life to be able to walk up the road without having to stop or get out of breath would mean more than you know. To be able to bend over and pick something up without then having to spend 5 minutes trying to get my breath back would be amazing and to simply be able to talk without getting out of breath would be awesome!

I'm not here to say to you all "you must be donors" because it is a personal decision and one that I respect. I just ask people to ask themselves would they take an organ in my situation? Or if a loved one was in my situation? If the answer to that question is yes I personally believe that anyone willing to take an organ should also be willing to give an organ. I know that if I die any organs that can be of use will be used because I want to help at least one person if I die and hopefully that will be possible even with all the medications I am on. It is a gift and it would be the most amazing gift you could ever give, if I get my transplant they will be giving me a life I have never known and I will certainly try to live it for the both of us.  

Alongside the campaign a website has been set up www.giveyourheart.co.uk  which you can get signed up through and you can get really cool Valentines Day e-cards that you can send via Facebook, Twitter, Google + and even download and actually print off and send if you felt so inclined. I don't have a significant other so instead I am sending my Valentines Day card to all of you guys, those of you who have supported me throughout this entire journey be that for the past week or the past 3 years. You can send it to whom ever you like friends or family just to let them know you love them this Valentines even though you obviously should be doing that all year round it's just a great time to remind them.

I really hope lots of you decide you would like to sign up and metaphorically give your heart this Valentines and if you've already signed up you can at least get some very cool and unique Valentines cards. No matter what your decision whether you would like your organs to be used or whether you wouldn't please at the very least let your nearest and dearest know what it is you want, it would make a very tough time a tiny bit easier for them in the unlikely event something happened. 

As always, thank-you for reading guys and chat soon


  1. Fantastic! I take my hat off to you Stacie! (I'm coming up for 3 years on the list myself)

  2. Aww thank-you!!! I hope your calls comes soon too! :-) xoxo

  3. I just want to give you a big hug! You did amazing. Thanks for always promoting organ donation Hun xx

  4. It is absolutely my pleasure, it's the very least I can do. I feel like I at least need to earn my transplant a little :) xoxo

  5. You did really good! Loved the video :D Big hugs xx

  6. Lets hope it helps Megan, I really hope it does :) xoxo

  7. Thank-you Rita :) xoxo


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