Instagram Diary...

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1. A positive little quote to start off the year 2. I was having a cosy evening with hot chocolate  
3. 5 years flashback to actual snow 4. A good old pizza hut  5. Being wired up to the ying yang 
6. Waiting 1000 days on the transplant list 7. My beautiful Alfred 
8. My cats getting cosy on the new furniture  9. Becoming a little more wire free 
10. A soft blanket of snow 11. Having a cosy blanket sofa day 12. Up and ready for Hammersmith 
13. After completing my exercise test and various others 14. A ghost ward 
15. My beautiful Alfred again 16. Me in actual proper clothing and not just pj's 
17. Wedding Dress shopping with peggy 18. New fresh hair 19. Late Christmas present 
20. Me and Alana while she was doing my makeup and hair before filming
21. Me and a Clapperboard 22. My "I want to do something" blog 
23. Me actually owning a colouring book
As always, thank-you for reading guys and chat soon

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