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Hey guys!!! If you are a frequent reader of mine and read all my posts including my make-up posts you will know I like to stick to what I know when it comes to foundation, I'm usually a strictly Clinique super balanced foundation kind of girl and that is it. However last week when I did my filming I had the loveliest make-up artist do my hair and makeup and we were having a good old chin-wag as you do and I was having a moan about how red my face can be. The meds I am on unfortunately enlarge blood vessels and make my face very red, it's something I am extremely self conscience about and if I know I am going to be seen by people like doctors, friends etc. I will go out of my way to make sure I apply at the very least my foundation just to take the redness down. 

The lovely Alana recommended this product to me Loreal Paris Nude Magique CC cream. I fell in love upon first application. The first thing you must know is it is green... yes green. It is a very thin consistency much like a BB cream and is really easy to apply, I apply it with my fingers it is that easy. Once it is on it will stay green for maybe a minute and it adjusts to your natural skin tone and just takes down the redness. 

The thing is with me I don't actually have bad skin so there's really no need for the heavy foundation that I use, I am just so self conscience of how red my face is that I feel like it's necessary to do. I mean it's not a complete miracle there is still some redness but not nearly as much as there was. It's good for those days where all I'm doing is going for a blood test or a gp appointment, it tones down the redness dramatically for me, which is awesome. 

So if you only have slight redness on your face and it gets on your nerves but you don't want to be applying heavy duty foundation to cover it I definitely recommend this I have found it really useful in the week that I have been using it and can already tell that I love it which is saying something for me.    

As always, thank-you for reading guys and chat soon 

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  1. Hi there Stacie,i came across this blog when i seen your video on facebook,about giving your heart,...have to say,i not one to reply/leave comments on anything on net,but for you i will make this exception:)
    I read afew of your post,about 100 days waiting and losing patience,but you stick it out,it will happen...i have two daughters and if they turn out half the woman you are they will be doing alright.
    Keep up the fantastic work raising awareness about organ donors etc,you have got another one right here now.

    P.S...i think this comment is in some sort of make-up section of your blog,not much use to a 43yo with 2 kids and slightly greying hair....but iof i ever need advise on this type of stuff....i'am coming here:)



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