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I feel like lately all I've been doing is informing you of the exciting goings on and while that is you know... exciting I haven't been telling you the boring stuff. Well not boring just normal stuff, a meal with the family doesn't seem to quite compare to being on TV and being a part of a campaign does it? 

The past few days I feel like I've been non-stop. IT was my sisters Birthday on Friday, she turned 26 which is mental she's on the wrong side of her 20's now but that scares me because Me and Meg turn 26 next year and we aren't even 25 yet. Does that scare anyone else? Any way I brought Candy a glass vase which I put some Bath bombs from Lush in because she wanted a vase for her Bathroom and bath bombs not for her bath but to make it smell nice, if you could see me I'm rolling my eyes LOL. The boys opened all her presents for her, bless them, because they obviously think all presents are theirs too, we then went to Lunch in a local pub which was nice. 

Later that evening I went to dinner with Gina and Pegster. I managed to go 1 hour and 30 minutes without my oxygen which I'm so proud of myself for. My chest hurt but it was worth it. I think I timed it just right, so I didn't wear it during Dinner and then when we left to go to the Cinema I put it on and I seemed to get the balance just right I think. We went to see "50 shades of Grey," I have never read the books, shock horror, and nor will I be after seeing the movie. I just don't think that type of movie is aimed at someone like me. It was awkward interaction throughout the movie between both the leads, I couldn't stop staring at the fact the guy, Christian? had one eye bigger than the other, it really annoyed me LOL and the woman and her friend were clearly way to old for the parts they were playing. Every-time the guy and the girl interacted it was just awkward, really awkward! I just found it creepy as well, it felt like a parent and child. Then there was one line where they are "sorting out the contract" and the entire cinema just bust into laughter. I'm not sure that's what they were going for. Then when it finished I could just hear the sighs of relief when it was over. Yeah, I definitely wouldn't recommend that movie to anyone. It was a good laugh though for me, meg and gina lol. 

Friday was also the day that I have been waiting 34months on the list. I'm not going to go into massive detail because when I think about it it just annoys me and I start to get mad about it so best just to say "Yes I've been deserted on the list for 34months now, unlikely to change in the near future so why bother getting upset about it?" So I'm just going to silently brood about it and complain to Papworth on the 13th lol.  

Saturday I basically slept. That up there ^^^ may not seem like a lot but when I got up at 8am and didn't get in till 11:30pm it took it's toll so sleeping was my friend. I got my oxygen masks through as well which I'm so excited about. Currently my nose is suffering because of my oxygen. I usually wear nasal cannulars, which I really do prefer but sometimes my nose just needs a bit of a break. I'm having about a minimum of 4 nosebleeds a day at the moment and it's definitely from the battering my nose is getting from my oxygen. The masks should just take the pressure off and give my nose time to heal a little. I got up at 4pm though and went to dinner with my Mum. Candice, Warren and the nephews which was Chinese! Yummy! I do enjoy a good Chinese!

I also have given up Chocolate for lent, which I think is crazy! It's not for any religious reasons just to see if I can do it :). Today is Day 5 it's not too hard I just forget sometimes. Yesterday I may have accidentally had 2 mouthfuls of a Ripple McFlurry (I know classy!) before I realised what I was doing, it really doesn't count though because it was 95% ice-cream so I'm not counting it! I would join the people doing the Dechox for the British heart foundation which is basically people giving up chocolate through March but I won't do it because people would need to sponsor you and 1. I'm pretty sure no-one would sponsor me and 2. Even if people did I wouldn't want to disappoint them because I'm not sure I'm going to last till Easter but at least with lent I'm only disappointing myself LOL. 

Today is my sisters Baby Shower as she is due to pop in the very near future and her friend Sam suggested we do it because this baby will be Candy's last. I'll be doing an entirely separate blogpost on that though so you have that to look forward to :) Have a good day my lovelies!

As always, thank-you for reading guys and chat soon


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