A weekend with a Best-friend...

This weekend was SO amazing!!! A lot of you reading this will know that one of my best-friends is Bernice, we've known each other 2 years even though it feels like forever. We very rarely get to see each other it's about a 4 hour drive to get to each other and then for me it's just you know logistics of oxygen, meds and the fact I can't drive so we only see each other occasionally when we happen to be at hospital at the same time or if something is really pre arranged. A few weeks ago Bernice asked if she could come down and we could see each other, I was SUPER chuffed!!! I had a cold to get rid of though first and Bernice got a chest infection so she had to get rid of that so we didn't infect each other LOL luckily we both did get rid of them :-D 

You know we didn't do anything really exciting or amazing but just things that best friends would normally do together if they lived closer. We watched Vampire Diaries (obviously), we put movies on that we didn't really watch because we were talking too much, ate pizza, we went to the cinema (saw Insurgent), I had my first ever Nando's Lemon and Herb though because I don't like spicy food, then it was just more movies, lots of junk food and selfies. It was my dad's Birthday on Saturday as well so the nephews and sisters came round. My cat Alfie has found a very good new friend as well I'm sure he wouldn't have minded going home with Bernice he loved her so much. 

It sounds like such a normal weekend and possibly even a boring weekend for some of you but it was such a great weekend for us because we talk to each other practically every day but never get to do the normal best friend things. We are really looking forward to when I get my transplant and then we can just do all of that in hospital while I'm there all the time :-D

We get to see each other again in June for my annual Vampire Diaries convention and Bernice is coming this time (SO excited) unless of course my transplant happens to close to it but getting to see Bernice has really lifted my spirits and I'm just a very happy bunny. 

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend whatever it was you were doing :) 

As always, thank-you for reading guys and chat soon

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