Introducing my new NIECE...

On Monday 2nd March 2015 my family introduced my newest NIECE into the world. Firstly I think Me and my mum were the most surprised that she was in fact a SHE we had convinced ourselves that she was going to be a boy because we already have Jaydon and Spencer and Candice had also had Lucas in November 2013 who unfortunately was a stillborn but he was also a boy too, I think we just thought Candy was just meant to have boys. 

My new niece was born at 11:03am at a lovely and healthy 7lbs 11oz after a C-section as she was Breech and there was no way to have her naturally. She is currently dark haired and blue eyed the blue eyes will most likely stay as both her brothers have blue eyes and me especially is hoping the dark hair stays as neither of her brothers were born with such dark hair. Her full name is Skyler Elizabeth Rose Wright which is such a nice name I've heard Candy mention Skyler a few times but honestly had no idea what she would end up with. Elizabeth is Candy's middle name and Rose is our grandmothers middle name so I like the integration of them. 

She is adorable and I'm so happy to finally have a girl simply for the buying dresses and skirts etc. It wouldn't really have mattered if she had been a boy I just wanted to buy girl stuff that was really my only motivation behind wanting her to be a her lol.

As always, thank-you for reading guys and chat soon


  1. Omg she's adorable =]


  2. Aww she is the cutest!! Congratulations on being an auntie (again) xxx


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