What have I been watching?

Hey guys, I'm sorry I have been a bit absent I've been taking a bit of technology break they tend to help me when I'm not feeling totally myself. I had a Papworth pre transplant clinic last friday and it's not that it went badly or anything that interesting actually happened it just annoyed me and made me mad, that's all I'm really going to say about it I may explain it in the future when I'm not so irrationally annoyed about it or so mad about it but for right now I think it's best if I just wallow and stew by myself with my thoughts. 

Because of said wallowing and stewing I always retreat to my bat-cave aka my bedroom and rely on the good old faithful Netflix and therefore wanted to share what I have been watching with you guys. 

Firstly we have "That 70's show." 70's is a show that I never really discovered until my teens so probably about 2003 and it was a show that I just watched on the off chance that it was on and never really watched all the seasons but it was still something I really enjoyed. Back in the day I remember it being on a channel called "Trouble" which sadly no longer exists but I think it was specifically aimed at my age group back then. I have really enjoyed watching all the seasons, there are 8, it is set in the 70's and I think there are a few things they probably wouldn't get away nowadays as we are very PC but because of the period it is set in I think they probably get away with it. It's based around a group of 6 teenagers who are in school about 17 years old and their lives in Eric's basement which is basically their hangout area and where they get stoned pretty much every episode. Relationships happen between the characters and it's just what I would call a typical teenage programme going through the lives of teenagers just a bit more dramatised and set in a different decade. I also love the fact that this is when Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis met and first worked together and now they are married and have a kid 17 years later (Awww).  

Then we have "Once Upon a Time." I think I have mentioned OUAT a few times over the years but I still love it and am absolutely chuffed that it is now on Netflix so I don't have to stream it now. If you love fairytales with a twist or disney stories with a twist this is something you will love. We're onto the 4th series now but when it started it was case of all the characters from your favourite fairytales had, had a curse placed on them bringing them to our world trapped in a town where time did not move and they didn't know who they really were, they were given false lives and wouldn't know any differently until "The saviour" aka Emma turns up on the scene. It's really good and there are points through the seasons where you have to stick with it a bit but I always enjoy it, it's a bit of escapism and takes you away from the real world for a bit.       

I'm always looking for new things to watch is there anything you would recommend? 

As always, thank-you for reading guys and chat soon


  1. Im always watching tv, the 100, extant, masterchef, scorpion, fortitude, crisis, csi, the walking dead, revenge but there are so many more shows coming back this year haha =]


  2. I am loving House M.D at the moment on netflix, I cannot get enough!

  3. I wondered where you popped off too, glad you're ok as you can be! I've always wanted to watch ONCE upon a time but always read mixed reviews. You may have persuaded me to give it a go ;)


  4. Yes definitely give it a go Emma!! There are points where you ave to persevere with it is awesome!!! xoxo


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