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So the past few days I've been filming a little something with a couple of lovely guys called Freddie and Tom. A transplant friend of mine got in contact with me and introduced me to Freddie who is making a series of short films to do with organ donation that he hopes will make a difference and help get people signed up to the organ donor register. 

You all know me and if I can help somebody do that I will certainly always do my utmost to try and help. I unfortunately had to cancel on him the days he was actually due at my house because I overdid it with Bernice that weekend but luckily Freddie was kind enough to reschedule. Unfortunately when you're working with pre-transplant people we tend to be a bit flakey and sometimes have to cancel last minute which always kills me to do because as you all know I hate letting people down.

We managed to reschedule for this week though and Freddie and his mate Tom turned up, camera in tow and we got to do lots of filming. My older sister came over so they could film some of the nephews and little Skyler, I think Jaydon certainly found a friend in Tom, he let him play on his phone which to Jaydon makes you an instant buddy. Spencer was being a bit of a grumpy pants but loosened up after a while. 

We did a really long interview. You can definitely tell if I'm comfortable with people because I open up a lot more which normally when I'm being interviewed we don't go deep into things but Freddie and Tom asked a lot of super interesting questions that I assume if you don't know anything about waiting for a organ or anything about organ transplant would be really intriguing. They asked a bunch of questions that I really had to dig for answers because I honestly just didn't know, it was never something I've tried to think about before if that makes sense but sometimes they are the best questions when you have to really think about it. I'm sure there will be a massive blooper reel of that interview I think I said "don't put that in" about 10 times lol! 

The second day included a lot of just extra things that needed to be filmed, so we watched a some of "The secret life of Walter Mitty" whilst Freddie filmed, then did some baking with Meggy and when I say baking I mean we made rice krispie cakes which is as far away from baking as you can possible get and we still managed to get it wrong LOL!! We did a tonne of walking though that day we decided to go to Lydiard Park where we spent quite a lot of time due to the fact I had to stop a lot whilst walking I felt so bad because I'd walk about 50 metres and be like "nope sorry guys gonna have to stop again." I think we got some nice shots there though so it was worth it :) 

I really loved filming this it was so relaxed it was just like chatting to friends. Any future film people should probably take note of that, if you want to get the best out of me be like a friend and that will produce the best results. They were such lovely guys though who made it so laid back I didn't feel pressured in anyway to do anything and we made it as natural as physically possible which I loved and people who are happy to sit and lounge on a sofa with me and watch even part of a movie are good people in my book. 

I'm a little knackered after it all which is to be expected but honestly so worth being tired and I cannot wait to see it :). I'll obviously share it with you guys when I can so I hope you like it :-) but in the mean time you can always check out a few of the other ones that Freddie has done which are also very, very good! Which are here:

*** Credit goes to Tom for the title of todays blogpost though he said that should be the title because I literally said that phrase a million times through the interview :-D 

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