Jollie socks...

Hello my lovely lot. 

So for those who read my blog regularly or have been reading for at least the past year anyway you'll know I do a "good deed" each month or at least donate money to something or buy something that helps towards a certain cause you know those types of things. I've been doing this for at least the past 2/3 years. They range in price depending on what I can afford that month so anything from a fiver to sixty quid. My "good deeds" for the past few months have been donating to a lot of runs and a lot of people who were taking part in the Dechox thing that the British heart foundation were doing. Now normally I don't share when I've done this because I don't like to be "Oh look at me I donated money to something" because simply it's not a big deal and I believe everyone should be helping everyone without any kind of recognition for doing so. 

However I really wanted to show you April's "good deed" because I really love the idea of it and it's different from simply donating money. Now when I was doing the filming thing last week, the two lovely lads who were here doing it were both wearing the same pair of socks. They told me that they were called "Jollie Socks" what that meant and why they were important. The concept of the socks is "wear a pair, share a pair" so when you buy a pair you are essentially buying two pairs and one pair will be given to a homeless person.

Here is their story:- 

"Jollie Goods is a more-than-profit movement seeking to equip Britain's homeless with the tools they need to get back on their feet by producing fun, unique goods enabling you to participate in the work of your local homeless initiative. 

Jollie Goods was born out of a desire to find a sustainable and fun way to give genuine support to homeless projects all over the UK, by seeking to provide practical goods to help the homeless get back on their feet. 

The story starts every time someone joins our movement by choosing to own our high quality products, which instantly unlocks a partner-product for one of their homeless neighbours. 

But why socks...?

We believe change works from the bottom up, and that the small things make a big difference. Socks are a matter of comfort, but more than this, they are crucial in staying clean, warm and dignified. "

They have 5 different pairs of varying colours, I brought 2 different ones the "No.1" and "The Punster". They are £15 each so they aren't exactly a cheap pair of socks but I think the fact that by simply buying a pair of socks you are helping a homeless person more than makes up for that and they are decent quality socks too not something that's only going to last a few wears and washes, you know they are going to last a good long while. 

If you'd like to purchase your own pair just head on over to their website www.jolliesocks.com and have a good nosey around. 

Do you guys have any inspiration for any future good deeds? Let me know :) 

As always, thank-you for reading guys and chat soon


  1. This is such a neat idea, I love it :) I think it's amazing how you stay positive and focus on helping others. You really do inspire me. I know some people say 'oh if I just knew my work had affected one person it would be enough,' well just so you know - you have :) x

  2. That honestly means so much to me Cate!! Especially at the moment.
    Sending a lot of love!! xoxo


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