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Guys it's actually a make-up post!!! It has been ages since I posted a make-up post and I have missed them so much. It's because I've been really good with my spending habits lately the only make-up I've brought in the past few months is foundation and that's because that is a necessity and not a luxury lol. Today we have LIPSTICKS! 

So lipsticks are my staple, give me an eyebrow pencil and a lipstick and that's generally all I need although it would kill me to not have foundation but I could live. Having a lipstick and a eyebrow pencil I could at least look like a living person. I own a lot of lipsticks I generally stick to MAC because, yes, I am that person. I have lots of different varieties though: Rimmel, Top Shop, Burberry, YSL, Clinique, Dior etc. etc. So I am by no means biased when it comes to lipsticks I just like MAC the most. Today however we have Revlon. 

Revlon is a brand I have tried in the past and never been a massive fan of, however I keep seeing the adverts with Emma Stone in and they have just made me want to try their lipsticks and I thought you know I haven't brought any make-up in a while and I've been feeling a little down lately so "Hey, why not?!" I brought 6 lipsticks altogether, they were 3 for 2, but they are of 2 different formulations. We have the "Revlon lip ultra hd lipsticks" first and then the "Revlon colorstay lipsticks" after. 

Okay so firstly is the "Revlon lip ultra hd." I want to address something first and foremost the packaging makes me want to tear my eyeballs out, I cannot stand it, if I had actually gone to a shop and picked these up I probably would not have ended up buying them based solely on the packaging. So saying that it is probably a good thing I brought these on the internet rather than in store. The packaging just feels cheap and plastic-y and I just cannot imagine it lasting too long in one of my handbags, also the lipstick pokes out slightly from the bullet which means you have to be super careful when putting the lid back on because it tends to catch on the edge which is gross and annoying. 

The actual Lipstick itself though is really good and I really like it, so it makes up for the fact it's in a horrid packaging. It feels lovely on the lips and really moisturising which I love and therefore gives more of a sheen to your lips so if you're looking for a really matte lipstick this is probably not something to go for. The colour is really bright which I love because if you've read past posts I love a bright lip. I'm very much a reds and berries gal so I went for the colours (left to right) Poinsettia 840, Iris 850 and Hibiscus 860. It doesn't matter what season it is as to what colour I wear although I will more likely wear Hibiscus during the summer months as it's a coral tone but I love my reds and berries so you'll find me with those more often than not. 

If you don't mind plastic packaging and aren't looking to spend a fortune on lipsticks and aren't prepared to pay £20+ for one then I think these are definitely a good option they are £7.99 each and were 3 for 2 so bargain in my eyes :). 

Next up we have "Revlon Colorstay" which I'm really surprised about actually they aren't what I expected at all.  First off the packaging is lovely, I really, really like it for a highstreet lipstick it's just lovely it's still plastic but just seems a bit more refined than the ultra hd packaging. 

The lipstick itself is what surprised me though, I was expecting them to be really bright and just a lot more in your face but once swatched and on the lips they really aren't. They have the texture of a lip balm which is lovely but the colour is very muted. Also in the picture up there they look like they would be really shiny on the lips but they aren't it becomes quite matte which I really like and the colour doesn't transfer at all which is a massive bonus especially if you're planning on eating and drinking. I think these are the lipsticks for those who aren't confident enough to wear really bold lipsticks or they're just a really good day time lipstick. I'm currently wearing the colour Couture and it just makes my lips look so much better. It's my lips but just way, way better and I love it! I've never been afraid to wear bright colours but if I'm having a day where I don't want to wear bright colours but think my lips need a lift these are definitely the answer. You also don't have the problem of the lipstick wearing, it wears off really evenly so you don't have to keep looking in a mirror to see if it's patchy or anything you could quite confidently go about your day without worrying whether someone thinks you're a weirdo for having patchy lipstick.   

I brought the colours (left to right) Couture 050, Socialite 025 and Finale 095. I'm super impressed with them and the colour range they have and for £8.99 each they are completely worth it.   

As always, thank-you for reading guys and chat soon

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