Quiet on the home front...

I'm sorry it's been 6 days since I last wrote anything, it's weird I tend to only write blogs if something extremely amazing or extremely crap has happened which I suppose makes for better reading but this week has been good. It's quiet on the home front, drama free which I always appreciate. I'm really well at the moment, or you know well for me, which I'm currently enjoying immensely and I'm not doing to much overthinking. Normally I'm very much in my own head about everything and I just go over and over it which is to be expected I suppose but it is in no way good for a person to be doing that and the past week I've been really good I think and just going with it, it probably helps that I'm not feeling awful as well lol. 

I did have Hammersmith on Tuesday though which was a very long day for me I woke up at 2 am (because my body hates me) and didn't get home till 8pm ish which beyond sucked, it's not like the appointment was even worth it either. Basically I got there 9am had a ECG and then had to wait till 1pm to see my doctors who basically said they don't plan on changing any of my medications because if it went the wrong way and I didn't react well to them there wouldn't be enough room to bring me back to where I am. I am stable but I am still very ill and waiting for a transplant is a tight rope and if I go too much over then I fall off, unfortunately there wouldn't be much they could do. So it's a case of do we risk changing the meds and potentially making me better but also at the same time risking me get worse and quickly? At the moment the risk isn't worth it. It's not like they would be adding a drug onto of the ones I'm already on they would have to take me off of one I'm currently on to replace it with another which is where the risk lies, so why replace a drug that is already keeping me stable? The risk only becomes worth it if I ever get to the stage where I start rapidly declining again which we hope is never :-D. They did say I could get a tattoo though which is really awesome news because I've been trying to convince them since I was 18. I'm not one of those people who plans on getting a million but I do want ONE so we'll have to wait and see for that one :) 

I also got to see my lovely PH friend Karen and her husband Jez while I was there which was lovely, normally any people I see aren't people I know and tend not to be too talkative lol. Rosie came and saw me as well when she got a break from work and we basically arranged our schedules as we have a quite busy June coming up, I'm really excited for it :-D 

Other than that though guys life is boring but good which is kind of how we like it because exciting and good always means a very tired Stacie afterwards lol. 

As always, thank-you for reading guys and chat soon

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