The drama of a General Election...

The 7 major party leaders of the General Election 2015
Okay so I promise this isn't going to be a massive rant about the General Election but anything I do talk about is simply my own personal opinion so please just bare that in mind.

I've been really into politics since I was about 15 or at least that's when I got interested in it one of the main reasons I left school and went to college rather than 6th form was because our school didn't offer a politics A-level which I very much wanted to do, so I went to college and got to do my A-level in Politics. I've also carried on with it in my degree as I chose to do a few "politics" modules. I much prefer American Politics though as I find that much more interesting than the British system. 

Yesterday was the General Election here in the UK and I actually requested a postal vote which was a bad decision on my part because it never occurred to me that if it didn't turn up I wouldn't be able to just go to my polling station and cast my vote so after a very long time on the phone to my local council offices I was told I would need to make it up to their offices where my vote got reissued. Luckily I managed it and all was well. I voted Labour. 

The reason I voted Labour has mainly to do with the NHS and I know that a lot of people will say that Conservatives can't get rid of it because we won't let them but privatisation is already happening and that in my opinion is just not acceptable. I believed that Labour would do a better job dealing with the NHS and I simply don't trust the conservatives with it. That being said I do believe that 5 years is not enough time to get a true idea of what a government is capable of but I didn't want the Conservatives in, in the last election and I feel like I every right to complain as I didn't vote for them in 2010 and definitely didn't vote for them yesterday. 

I am annoyed that they managed the majority that they got I really thought that even if they won they wouldn't make it to the 326 seats that they needed, I definitely think one of the major factors was that Scotland basically is now SNP land and that majorly affected the Labour vote but obviously it's what Scotland felt like they needed to do so more power to them and all that. 

One of my major bug bears with our political system though is that we have a First Past the Post system which is far from fair and doesn't accurately reflect the vote in a proportional way. The First Past the Post system works like this: we vote in constituencies, each constituency has a MP that is elected and takes a seat in parliament there are 650 seats total. The reason this is not fair is because one constituency could have 500,000 people in it and another could have 20,000 people in it yet they both have 1 seat each and have the same amount of say in parliament. (I realise those numbers are exaggerated I just pulled them from the air but you get the point) That's ridiculous and doesn't accurately reflect what the country really wants at all whereas a proportional system would dole out seats based on votes not constituencies. 

The reason I mention this is because the SNP managed to get 56 seats in Parliament yet their percentage of the vote is only 4.7% and I am in no way saying I want UKIP to be a big part of our Parliament but they got 12.6% of the vote and only got 1 seat in parliament. That's how ridiculous the FPTP voting system is. If the voting system was done via proportional representation the seats would have looked much different (source) the seats they would have had would have been more like this: 

            FPTP: Conservatives 331                        Proportional Representation: Conservatives 240
                       Labour 232                                                                              Labour 213
                       UKIP 1                                                                                     UKIP 83
                       Lib Dem 8                                                                                Lib Dem 53
                       SNP 56                                                                                     SNP 37
                       Greens 1                                                                                  Greens 24

Hey ho it's over for another 5 years and I just really hope Conservatives don't do as bad a job as I'm anticipating.  Even though I don't believe in the system we have Conservatives did manage to get a majority so I will just have to go along with what the country obviously want at the moment. 

As always, thank-you for reading guys and chat soon

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  1. So true!! There's a reason why so many people are disappointed, and the Tory's still got in! Things need to change, or the tiny countryside countryside constituencies that will be forever die-hard Tory will always get their way, never mind the rest of us!!x


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