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So something I failed to mention when I was writing my previous blog was what I woke up to on my phone. I actually managed to get hold of my phone not even 2 days after my transplant and there were thousands upon thousands of notifications, I still have yet to sift through them all. I gained who knows how many twitter followers, I have hundreds of friend requests waiting to be accepted or declined on my Facebook and my "others" email folder is jammed. I have never ever experienced anything like it and to be honest I'm still extremely overwhelmed by that alone. Anyway moving off my tangent the Monday after my transplant and when I was a little less doped up and a bit more alert I posted my very first "Post transplant" photo, things went a bit mental again. People couldn't quite believe I was posting on Facebook less than 48 hours after having a Heart and Double Lung transplant. That day I started getting emails and messages and phone calls from various different press and media outlets I ignored pretty much all of them because I was 2 DAYS post transplant! I was like "Woah!!! This is too much to be dealing with!" I did however answer one phone call I don't even know why, we'll blame automatic responses for it, but it was Good Morning Britain who fair play to them were really lovely but were asking if they could come film me in a few days and I was like "woah I've only just had my transplant that's probably a little bit premature" Luckily Daniel Papworth's press guy took over and dealt with it all and I didn't get any hassle from anyone for a while afterwards as they all seemed to get the message to deal with him and not me. This however didn't seem to stop newspapers writing about me which was weird normally I know about these things and actually do a interview not just see my face appear on a newspaper without knowing about it. 

Anyway after things calmed down a bit and we kind of all knew I'd be home in the next few days Daniel arranged for Good Morning Britain to come down to Papworth and do a interview with me and my consultant Debs via a satellite call which I can honestly say was a very odd experience. They stick this thing in your ear and you can hear the studio and all the people behind the scenes and it was very hard to concentrate. I'm never going to be natural on Tv I was Miss fidget the entire time and it was quite funny they were asked not to ask ONE question and that was the exact date of my transplant and what was the first question they asked? "When exactly was it Stacie?"I was like "Oh God what do I say?" because Papworth had told me in no uncertain terms I wasn't allowed to say, it's down to confidentiality and all that stuff and also I wasn't sure I wanted the country knowing exactly when either. I mean it certainly wouldn't be hard to find out when it happened but I wasn't about to announce it on national tv. So I was like "Urmmm I'm not actually allowed to tell you....." Awkward! LOL 

I had actually been prepped with the questions the day before the interview and they had said to me "we hear you like tennis Stacie?" and I was like "yeah I love it" because I do and have always wanted to go to Wimbledon, it's on my bucket list and is something I plan on learning how to play even if badly but they kind of left it there so when they asked me about Wimbledon in the interview and like focused on it I was like okay, strange people but I was happy to go with it because I do really love tennis but I thought if anything comes out of this it probably won't be till next year because we are literally only 2 weeks away from Wimbledon and I'm sure my doctors aren't even going to let me go. So when the interview was over me and Debs burst into laughter because it was just beyond hilarious! I asked Deb though and was like "Would I actually be allowed to go to Wimbledon if I got tickets?!" and she was just like "Yeah of course!" I didn't get my hopes up and just went about my day which involved another interview with ITV news for Anglia and West Country  which was nice and was totally my physio for the day because I did a lot of walking for their shots LOL. 


I really enjoyed being on the show though it's always nice for them to have a follow up because I see transplant people going on news and programmes and sometimes you never see them again and you do wonder, Did thy ever get it? and it's a bit demoralising so hopefully people will have been happy to see that transplant does happen, it does work and even if you have to wait a very long time miracles do happen and sometimes just a bit of magic. 

After this interview I did actually get a few offers for Wimbledon Tickets which was beyond kind and a pair I did actually accept this was before we knew what Good Morning Britain had planned for me yesterday. So yesterday I got the surprise of my life when Good Morning Britain turned up at my house with tickets to Wimbledon and lunch with the Lawn Tennis Association, if you know me you know its hard to make me speechless or incoherent generally in any way but i was and I cannot believe how oblivious I was I honestly believed GMB had cancelled our Skype call and I was silently cursing the fact I could have had like an hour extra sleep LOL. The next thing I know there's a knock on my door and my dad's like "You HAVE to answer that Stacie!" and I just know exactly what it is, mortified is not the word! LOL. I would have dressed 1 million times better if I had known. 

Anyway the end of the story is I'm going to Wimbledon on the 7th of July and get to have a super posh lunch. I'm sending the other tickets I got back as well because I don't want them to miss out on their Wimbledon experience but the generosity of people is so overwhelming that people would do that for me. I know a lot of people that think it's a stupid thing to want to do but it's just something I love watching and have done since I was 12 and it just looks like such a amazing experience to go and be a part of and even though I've never been able to play any sports it's one that I've always appreciated and enjoyed watching even when I'm in hospital when it's on I have to find a TV to watch it on that's how bad I am LOL. 

Right another blog very soon guys I'm getting there LOL  
As always, thank-you for reading guys and chat soon

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  1. The video of them surprising you is SO funny!! You are just so in shock! Hope you have the bestest time, will have to watch the match and look out for you!


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