Inherent laziness...

I think once you've had a transplant it's assumed that you're suddenly going to LOVE exercise. If my experience is anything to go by that is so not the case at all! 

Exercise is easier, yes. That does not make it easy! Think about it, I spent the the majority of my life being hindered by my heart and lungs that obviously led to a deterioration in my overall body, it is not used to doing things and the rest of my body is what makes exercise hard now. I suppose it must be the same for anyone who doesn't do very much exercise, they have to try and convince their body that it can do this stuff now. I'm a inherently lazy person and I enjoy lazing around in my bed or on the sofa and it takes a hell of a lot of motivation on my part to convince myself to go for a walk or get on my bike. 

I mean it is fantastic and wonderful that I can do all these things and it's amazing that I don't get out of breath as easily but it is still hard and I'm still trying to ease into it. I'm also somewhat of child in regard to if someone says to me "Shouldn't you be going for a walk or something?" I just want to say "Well actually no! Why don't you go for one instead!" 

I can totally tell the difference don't get me wrong when I do exercise especially in the morning. I wake up so sore it's like all my muscles decide during the night to just tense up and put me in pain when I wake up and doing my bike in the morning does seem to help and loosens up my chest a lot but it does not mean I enjoy it, in fact it's very far from that. I don't enjoy being sweaty and gross. I'm never going to be one of those people who enjoys working out. I'm doing it because I have to and that's okay and ultimately my body does seem to thank me once I have done it.

I really do think people just assume transplant = love for exercise but I think people need to remember we're still just people and we have to force ourselves to do the exercise just as much as everyone else does. We probably just have a bigger motivation to do it than most people because we want to keep our lovely shiny new organs in the best possible shape they can be and stay that way for as long as possible but that doesn't make it easy and it is still very much hard work.    

As always, thank-you for reading guys and chat soon

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  1. Great read, have you tried yoga? I seem to push yoga on everyone now, I've been converted! Yoga with adrienne on youtube is my fave! xo


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