The first I would say 6 months post transplant are going to be the hardest and always were going to be. I think I've probably been a little bit down or not down but lack lustre the past few weeks, like I can't be bothered to really do very much except what I have to be doing, I've been procrastinating a lot and I think that's just because I really want to just be able to get out and do everything, but right now that just isn't really an option. I mean even if I could drive I'd still have to wait another month before I could drive again but as it is I can't drive and public transport is kind of out until 6 months. But saying that I did manage to get away this week for 4 days, it was awesome!

So on Tuesday I had my clinic at Papworth and everything is all great. My lung function is up to 79% after going down to 74% 2 weeks before so I'm really chuffed with that and everything else is just looking really good and all stable. My pulled shoulder is also getting better I just have to keep an eye on it and make sure I don't do any sort of heavy lifting which I obviously shouldn't have really been doing anyway I just forget sometimes that I'm still only 11 weeks post transplant as it feels like it was a really long time ago.

After clinic I went to Norwich with a friend of mine which was just so lovely to get away and hang out. I kind of got away from social media for a few days because usually I can be a bit attached to it and that's something I need to work on because pre transplant it was very much a big part of my life whereas now it really shouldn't be so much so I need to get that balance. I got to go to beaches where we did a lot of walking, for me anyway lol. I drove a boat which fyi I DID NOT crash, okay maybe I nearly did at one point but no-one died and I didn't drown which I think we can all agree is a minor miracle. I got to see some of Norwich and it's really cute, very unlike Swindon and I loved it, cute little shops and everything just had a lot of character and I really love stuff like that. Going to a Beach was actually on my bucket list of things I wanted do after my transplant so that one can be ticked off now which is exciting! 

I kind of feel refreshed and happy after just getting away for several days and now I feel a bit more motivated to really get into revising my history stuff because I really shouldn't waste the 4 years I've spent on it and I know I have a few other things coming up in the next month which I'm looking forward to doing. I feel like it's very much me wanting to make the most of this new life that I've been given but whilst I'm still so new it's hard to really get past being stuck for the moment but I know I will get out there eventually it's just getting past all these hospital appointments and being able to not be so careful. 

I definitely feel more rejuvenated though and more inspired to do things which I think is a great thing and I'm getting excited again for things to come and not so annoyed about not knowing what it is that I want to be doing I mean it's still a worry but I want to enjoy myself too with all my lovely people.     

As always, thank-you for reading guys and chat soon

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