Sheep Hunting...

So the other day, and by other day I mean yesterday, I went to the good old land of Bristol which is only 30 minutes down the road from me with my sister and her little clan of people. We went Sheep hunting or more specifically Shaun the sheep hunting. I never went when it was Gromit who was the main attraction last year but honestly even if I could have gone last year I wouldn't have made it round because I was so ill but this year I decided to power through the fact that I had a cold because surely even post transplant Stacie with a cold is 10,000 times better than Stacie last year. Which fyi I totally am! Excuse my beyond gross appearance by the way I blaming my cold and the fact that the weather was crap :D LOL 

If we are all honest we could not have chosen a worse day to go. It was absolutely pissing it down the entire day, literally it did not stop raining at all, ever whilst we were there. This however does not upset me in the slightest because it meant I got to tick off something on my bucket list which was drum roll please drrrrrruuuuuuuuuuuu.......... I got to walk in really heavy rain! It does not bother me AT ALL that the cold and wet has made my cold worse because I adore the rain and it meant I got to use my heart umbrella which I love also. 

The weather unfortunately did mean we had to cut the day a bit short because we had a very wet couple of little boys and it really was just getting worse the longer we were there but we found a few sheep and next year, if they decide to do something similar, we'll go on a much better day and hopefully by then my walking legs will have caught up with my heart and lungs because guys there was this hill and OMG I wanted to die! I mean my cold was obviously not helping that scenario but even if I had 100% lung function and no cold I don't think I would have coped with it lol! I had Jaydon cheering me on up the hill going "Come on Stacie it's only a little bit further... See it's just this little bit to go... It's just here!" I don't think I've ever been cheered on up a hill by a 4 year old before, I just had Candice laughing at me whilst walking next to me whilst I was swearing and saying "I hate you, I hate you, I hate you!". My legs really did not appreciate that part of the day LOL. It's amazing that I did it and actually made it up this hill and then even further up another hill. It's massively frustrating though I'm just willing my legs to be where I feel they should be, but they are still very much a work in progress it would seem. 

As I said I'm still currently fighting off my ear infection which I think is definitely on it's way out as my hearing has almost returned but yesterdays antics has made my cold somewhat worse and I certainly have spent the majority of today, minus a few mile walk that I forced myself to do, wrapped up in big old jumper with fluffy socks and a blanket and reading Harry Potter because I'm really cool like that. It makes me feel better when I'm ill though so it does the job, who doesn't love retreating to their favourite non-fictional world when they are poorly? Something that would have made me feel much better was if I could have eaten chocolate but chocolate still tastes like crap and right now I'm not sure it's ever going to taste the same ever again *sobs into her imaginary pillow.* LOL Chocolate is a extremely small price to pay for my health but one I certainly never anticipated happening so I've switched to sweets and unfortunately crisps which is a really bad thing and for some reason since the reduction of my steroids I seem to have gained the munchies which I never had even when I was on 70mg of the stuff. So at the moment I could probably eat about 20 bags of crisps and it wouldn't even touch the sides. I'm restraining myself though guys or I'm going to have Papworth "having a word with me" LOL. 

Anyway that turned into more of a babble than I intended I'm sure my next blog will be next week as I have my 12 week biopsy on the 1st September which is actually more like my 13 week biopsy but hopefully if all is good I won't have another one for a while.   

As always, thank-you for reading guys and chat soon

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