No rejection...

You know I'm pretty sure staying in hospital for any longer than a day makes you take about 2 steps backwards. I had my "6 week biopsy" this week which was actually 8 weeks but it got postponed at 6 weeks. So this meant having to stay overnight at Papworth. My biopsy went smoothly, I'm very lucky that the sedation works very well on me and and I only sort of become "aware" of what is going on towards the end of it so I only remember them being down my throat the last few minutes of it and luckily I'm lucid enough to tell myself not to freak out about it which for me is quite amazing because I never thought I would be comfortable having people going down my throat and not freaking out about it. I had many a conversation with Bernice pre-transplant about absolutely dreading waking up with tubes down my throat it was one of the things we were both most scared about so to willingly allow people to do it and be okay with it happening is a major thing for me.

The reason you stay overnight for a biopsy is because they don't get the results till the following afternoon, or at least they're supposed to and if any rejection shows up they can treat you straight away. Me being me, my results didn't come back the following afternoon so I had to stay till the next day and I'm happy to say I'm rejection free! My lovely Dad had to go to work the whole day (he starts at 5am and finishes at 6pm) and came to get me so I wouldn't have to stay there till today, best Dad award goes to him because we didn't get home till 00:40am and he had to get up at 3am. I certainly will not be letting him do that again! I even got some best friend time while I was there, Bernice came and saw me because I was bored waiting to go home I really wish I lived closer! 

I'm sure even a short stay in hospital makes you go backwards though because I basically did no form of exercise while I was there except a short walk I did yesterday and today everything is just a massive effort I've just done 5km on my bike and I can honestly say the 10km I did the other day was easier than that 5km. So I feel like I'm going to have to work myself back up again. It feels weird for me to be complaining about "only" being able to do 5km because even 9 weeks ago I couldn't even walk 90metres in my 6 minute walk test so I really shouldn't be saying anything really. I just have to remember the next time I have a biopsy to ask to go on the bike an stuff so I don't have to rebuild again.

Anyway so other than my no rejection news, August is shaping up to be quite busy and I have to revise as well because my final exam is coming up in September and I really do need to revise this time I have no motivation to do it though because I just want it finished now, I'll get over it though and I will push myself to do it, it's just getting that motivation to do it. I think once that is done I can then try and figure out what it is I want to do with my life, I'm still no closer to having any idea but I figure I have time to figure it out now and I will find something I WANT to do rather than something I have to do. 

As always, thank-you for reading guys and chat soon

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  1. This is great news! 5K is still great as well, you're flying along :D big hugs! xo


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