Looking Back...

In all honestly I haven't been massively looking forward to today and yesterday. On the 25th of September 2014 I had my third false alarm and quite frankly it was one of the worst days of my life. I can look back on it now and see it as a life experience and one I needed to get me where I am today, I can look at it with the hindsight I now have and know that those organs clearly were not "meant to be" as I then received my gift 8 months later but the thing is a PH friend lost her life that following morning after receiving those lungs and it made a bad experience even worse. There was a whole community of people in mourning and although it would have been sad that one of us didn't get our transplants the fact that one did would have lifted peoples spirits a little but the reality is sometimes transplant doesn't always work and unfortunately this was one of those times. So this time last year I was devastated about the fact that my transplant had yet again not happened and then feeling the loss of a member of our community at the same time. It was a awful time. It's easy to look back with hindsight because ultimately I can say the following 8 months of waiting was worth it but at the time all I remember is everything just being very, very hard! It's not just a sad few days for me but for Hazel and her family and the donors family. At least for me I got my happy ending but it's a hard few days for me to look back on and remember. 
I have maybe done a bit of retail therapy to cheer myself up and the past few days has seen me quite a few hundred pounds worse off but it's been worth it. I spent a small fortune on getting my blog redesigned which will be happening very soon guys and I cannot wait for it. This was going to happen soon but I was mopey Stacie yesterday and thought "Well I may as well do it now :D" and so I paid my invoice and bobs your uncle, there you have it, you'll be seeing a lovely new and fresh "life is Worth the Fight" very soon :-D. I had the stressful experience of picking out some new glasses today as well and for the first time in 24 years I will have prescription sunglasses! I cannot wait. I actually look quite good in sunglasses I've just never really been able to justify buying them but today I took the plunge whilst also buying two other normal pairs of glasses. Now £175 is a lot of money to spend on glasses admittedly but considering I'm literally blind without them and wear them 24/7 it's a worthwhile investment for me. I literally had to whittle down my choices though I was there piled high with glasses unable to choose for about a hour, in the end I luckily had a very honest opticians/sales lady help me decide and she kindly told me what she thought look rubbish on me. I'll do a blog on them once I get them back on the 14th, Eeeee most excited. I also got my new phone which isn't really that new as it's just the iPhone 6s and I had the 5s but it makes me happy. 
And yes my friends Christmas is in full swing! I'm actually far  more behind Christmas shopping than I should be but we're getting there and I hope to have it all done by the end of November. 

As always, thank-you for reading guys and chat soon

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