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I'm sorry it's been a while but you know life and all that. A little bit of a catch-up though. On Tuesday I had my 12 week biopsy which was actually more like my 13 week biopsy but so long as everything was okay with it this was potentially my last biopsy for a while. The day actually went really fast but then I had friends there to keep me occupied which is always lovely and I don't get too anxious beforehand. This is the first time I've properly woken up and been totally lucid during the actual biopsy which I can't say was a totally fun experience but I didn't panic which you know points to me, I did start coughing and my consultant did decide to show me the inside of my lungs which I wasn't all that appreciative of as they were trying to stop it bleeding but I suppose if they hadn't been down in my lungs at the time I maybe would have found it interesting lol.

It's just a lot of waiting after that really I had to stay overnight just in case you know something happens after the biopsy. On Wednesday I got to find a bit about my donor only the age and sex as that's all Papworth are allowed to say now due to a change in there rules or something. I'm not going to be saying what I found out because for some reason I kind of feel like that's not really my information to tell I've obviously told my nearest and dearest but it's not something I'm going to be announcing to everybody. I do feel a bit weird about it because it's not exactly what I was expecting to hear but it's nice to be able to apply that little bit of knowledge to my heart and lungs now. My donor isn't maybe a man or maybe a woman they aren't some unidentifiable age. I'm never going to be one of those people that needs to know everything about their donor because the idea of it makes me feel a bit odd I think if I knew they had children and a family it's a bit harder for me to process, at the moment anyway it might change further down the line I don't know.

I found out Wednesday afternoon that I have no rejection again which is awesome which also meant I could come off one of my drugs called Itraconazole but that does mean that I have to have more regular blood tests now because coming off of it means one of my blood levels is going to go a bit wonky but that's fine. It means I'm down to 9 different drugs now probably soon to be 8 and then that probably won't change. It's the first time I feel like I've made some proper progress for a while. I feel like I've just sort of been coasting for a while but now it feels like I'm moving forward again. It's taking me a bit longer to recover from the biopsy that usual which isn't great but I'm sure by next week I will be tip top again.

I then got to spend a few days with the Bernice at her new house which was lots of fun and we had lots of good bestie time. I love that I can just go away now and not really have to worry too much and all I really have to remember is my pills which has been ingrained in me since I was 11 years old anyway so it's not like it's a new thing and then because I'm with Bernice we have to do drugs at the same time, so we can't exactly forget to take them lol. We went to the cutest little tea shop as well I would gladly go to somewhere like that everyday just a nice pot of tea, a toastie and slice of cake all in a antique setting. I need to find somewhere like it in Swindon. Highly unlikely though I know LOL.

Hope you are well  

As always, thank-you for reading guys and chat soon

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  1. I've found your journey so absolutely wonderful. I was in Italy when I found out you'd had your transplant and cried - I'm so glad its going well for you. Much love x

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