Halloweeny Cake Pops...

So my sister Candice is hosting a Halloween party this halloween and she's doing various different things for her party but she came across Eye ball cake pops online and she thought she'd give them a go and see if they were worth having for her party. As I'm away over halloween we decided to give them a test run so if they were crap or hard to make by herself then she could find something else to do. I was a more than willing volunteer because you know... food! 

I'm massively surprised at how easy these were to make literally all you need is a few things and tar dah! So here you go :) 

100g Madeira cake
100g Oreo cookies 
100g Milk Chocolate [melted] 
200g White Chocolate [melted]
A few smarties an icing pens
10 wooden skewers

STEP ONE:- Put Madeira cake, Oreo Cookies and melted milk chocolate in a food processor and whizz together. 
STEP TWO:- You can either roll together using your hands to make 12 walnut sized balls of like me and Candice did we used a mould which made 8 quite large ones. Then put in the fridge for 2 hours to chill. 
STEP THREE:- Put a skewer into each cake pop, completely cover with melted white chocolate. 
STEP FOUR:- Dab a smartie on whilst the white chocolate is wet and leave to chill until set. 
STEP FIVE:- Decorate to your hearts content.  

P.s. please ignore Candice's really ugly nails! :-)

As always, thank-you for reading and chat soon. 


  1. These are amazing =]


  2. Awww thank's Emma! I was surprised how well they turned out :) xoxo


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