Lush, Lush, Lush

So when I went to pick up my glasses I also decided to make a minor detour and head to Lush. I was running low and thought you know why not? There's a few new bits which I'm super excited to try like the Yog Nog bath bomb and the karma bubble bar. Yet there are still some of my favourites in there as well like the comforter and bright side bubble bars. I also got my little nephews one which is the Nightwing shower jelly it's the shape of a bat so I think they'll love it :)

Yog Nog Bath Bomb || £3.95
Yoga Bath Bomb || £3.95
Intergalactic Bath Bomb || £3.95
Brightside Bubble Bar || £4.95
The Comforter Bubble Bar || £4.95
Karma Bubble Bar || £4.95
The Experimenter Bath Bomb || £3.95
Skydancer Bath Bomb || £3.95
Shoot For the Stars bath bomb || £3.65
Father Christmas Bath Bomb || £3.65 
Bar Humbug bubble bar || £3.65 
Nightwing shower jelly || £3.95  

As always, thank-you for reading guys and chat soon

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