I did it... kind of...

I DROVE. I actually drove!!!

So on Friday I had my second first drving lesson. I was panicking all morning leading up to it but luckily it was at 9:15am so I didn't have to panic for too long but seriously I was so worried about it. Then there waas the realsiation that it was Friday the 13th and although I'm not really that suspicious that really didn't help the nerves. The guy arrived, I got in the car and it just started to utterly piss it down. Just my luck  lol! I am so happy that I have picked a automatic to learn to drive in because it just takes a lot of the pressure off. When I was learning how to drive in a manual I just found it so hard to concerntrate with the whole changing gears aspect of it. With a automatic at least it gives me the time to concerntrate on others things like watching out for other cars and people and that kind of seems to put my mind at ease I guess. I feel less dangerous because I feel like I'm focusing on the right things rather than panicking about stupid things. I don't think I'm a natural driver really, it just doesn't feel natural to be behind the wheel of the car for me.

I do sort of feel like I'm doing one of the major things that I wanted to do post transplant though and that feels good because it does feel like sometimes a lot of what I want to do post transplant has to wait because we have to make sure I'm okay and all that jazz which I'm more than happy with but I suppose I'm just impatient so now that I'm actually doing one of my "big" things and  it makes me feel like I'm moving forward :-).

I do have my first infection since my transplant which is a bit worrying, I went to the GP today and have been put on some antibiotics which is all good but the GP was asking what's normal for me and that was a bit disconcerting because I don't really know anymore. I mean I know what my normal lung function should be and my temperature and my weight and my blood pressure but when it comes to infections that's all new for me so I'm trrying to figure out what's okay and what's not okay. So the  reason I went was because I've gained a persistent cough over the past two weeks and coughing up green phlegm (sorry!) and that was a sure fire sign that I obviously had something because phelgm hasn't really been a problem for 4 months. My GP asked me though if my lungs normally sound sticky? and I was just like "I don't know they're kind of new to me..." But hopefully these drugs will do the trick and if they don't I'm back at Papworth in a few weeks so I'm sure they'll be on it if there is something wrong.

As always, thank-you for reading and chat soon. 

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