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Now the past few weeks I have done ALOT of shopping. A lot, a lot, a lot. Admittedly this is mainly christmas shopping but I have also brought myself some stuff too and as you can tell I decided to buy some stuff from the new Zoella beauty stuff purely for curiosity sake really, I liked her old stuff and figured I may as well try out the new stuff. 

First off I brought "The Zoella Beauty Rose Gold Vanity" [£16.00] because I probably own about 15 different wash bags/makeup bags and I really just want to reduce the amount I have so I currently have 2 skin care wash bags that I can just put it all in and hopefully gain some much needed space :). Or you know I should probably just reduce the amount of stuff I have really lol but until that happens this will do the job lol. Then there was the "Zoella Beauty Lace collar Purse"[£6.00] which I brought because I currently have a little bag of similar size that holds my tweezers, nail files, nail clippers, hair bands you know all those little bits and bobs that don't really have a place so I just stick them all together, well my current bag is maybe about 7 years old ish so I just wanted to get a new one that looks all fresh and nice, and I thought this particular one was just very cute :) 

Next up we have a few bits from her Tutti Fruity range I went for "Zoella Beauty Tutti Fruity Fresh Fizz Fragranced Bath Fizzer" [£5.00], "Zoella Beauty Tutti Fruity Scrubbing Me softly smoothing body scrub"[£7.00] and "The Zoella Beauty Tutti Fruity Foam Sweet Foam Shower Gel" [£3.50]. Now initially I was a bit dubious about what those would smell like as I was worried with a name like "Tutti Fruity" they would be over powering but it really is quite a subtle smell and still remains quite fresh smelling even with the fruitiness of it. The Bath fizzer is exactly like her old one with a slightly new design and obviously the new smell. I really loved her old one and love this one too. I would say the shower gel is a shower gel it does what it supposed to do and does smell lovely but at the end of the day it's a shower gel. The body scrub though I am absolutely loving. I usually use Soap and glory body scrubs and if you use them you know that they are very grainy which is obviously good for scrubbing and I will continue to use them because I really do like them but this body scrub doesn't have massive grains in it, it kind of seems like a balm as well as a scrub which leaves you feeling very smooth after you've used it and I really like that. 

Finally we have some of the new additions to her old range which have the old scent so we have the "Zoella Beauty Mini Fizz Bar Fragranced bath fizzers trio" [£8.00], "The Zoella Beauty Soap Pop Fragranced soap on a stick" [£5.00], the "Zoella Beauty Bath Bombini's Fragranced bath fizzers x 8" [£10.00] and "The Zoella Beauty Wonder Hand Moisturising hand cream" [£5.50]. I personally think a lot of these would make really good little stocking fillers especially the Bombini's and the bath fizz trio. Ever since my transplant I've had very dry skin so the hand cream will just be sitting in my handbag for when I need it especially now that winter is on the way and it will be getting much colder, I am not looking forward to how awful my hands are potentially going to become. The soap Pop is probably going to be the only thing out of all this I won't use personally because I am not a massive fan of soap but I had to buy it because it was so cute so this will probably go in our bathroom for someone else to use but it does smell lovely. 

Right that's everything. I personally love how cute everything always looks in Zoe's ranges and if it wasn't so pretty I probably would never buy any of it and all of her stuff continues to look lovely so it still draws me in. I think the only thing I would say is over priced would be the Bath Bombini's at £10.00 but I'm assuming the only reason for the price is because the pot they are in is glass and therefore makes it slightly more expensive I will also reuse it after a thorough washing I'll probably put sweets in it and put it on my desk so I can have sweets to munch on while I'm doing stuff :). 

Anyway guys let me know what you think and what your favourites are if you have any or if you're looking forward to trying any. 
As always, thank-you for reading and chat soon. 

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  1. I haven't tried anything from the zoella range but I love the packaging! xx



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