12 Days of Christmas || Day 1 || Advent Calendars 2015...

Body Shop 

One of this years Advent Calendar is a Body Shop calendar. Last year I had a Benefit Calendar and I was mildly disappointed it has to be said. It had some good bits in but there was a lot of random stuff that really wasn't very good or very interesting at all, like notepads and paperclips. I think they just ended up in the bin. So this year I decided to go with the Body Shop calendar which I think will be much better. I love bodyshop smells and the good thing is if I get anything I'm not particularly fond of I can always just give them to my parents or sisters or someone. I think it's a really pretty calendar as well. So I can't wait to get stuck into it. 

3D Picture Calendar 
I have a picture advent calendar every year and just because I'm turning 25 very soon does not mean that is going to stop now. This year we have a 3D one which isa little village scene with Santa flying over head with admittedly only two reindeers but it is very, very cute!! I do love a picture calendar it's very nostalgic for me, it just takes me back to December mornings where me and my sisters would have them all sellotaped to our living room door and mine would always be in the middle because I'm the middle child and Megan's would be on the bottom and Candice's above mine  and then every morning before school we'd open them and I just loved it. So this is one tradition that although my sisters aren't upholding I will do it for all three of us :-D. 

Malteser Merryteaser calendar

My chocolate Calendar is the same one that I had last year and simply that is because I'm currently still trying out different chocolates and trying to figure out which chelates I like at the moment and Maltesers are one of the few chocolates I can currently stand so yay! Malteser lol. 

PlayDoh Advent Calendar

Now admittedly I cannot claim this advent calendar as mine because I have brought it for somebody but I really wish I could say it was mine as I really want to do it, really badly but no I have to give it to somebody else. It is obviously made for Children but I love it! And if the person I have brought it for doesn't want it I shall be acquiring it and doing it myself LOL because I am just big kid at heart really.   

As always, thank-you for reading and chat soon. 


  1. As I am at uni, I don't even have a chocolate advent calendar this year :( xx


  2. Aww that's sad Alice :( xoxo


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