12 days of Christmas || Day 10 || Little nephew carolling...

So because I didn't see my little niece and nephews on my actual birthday the day after we decided to go for a meal in the eying and then they could give me their present then BUT before that I got to see my oldest little nephew Jaydon in his first ever christmas play, carol thing! If you're wondering why that required a exclamation mark or the massive but it really does require those! It's something I always wanted to see, I always wanted to see my little Jaydude in a school play thing and I did!!! It was like a little Carol concert for all of their reception year and Jayden's class were donkeys, another class were Santas another were tree's and there were stars scattered around in there too. IT was honestly the cutest thing I've ever seen and I was the rudest aunty ever!! Jayden can get a bit nervous if he has people watching him so we were a bit worried that he might you know freeze and not do anything but he didn't! He sang the whole lot and I couldn't be prouder of him!!

Then later on after we saw his little carols concert and picked up Spence from nursery as well and got mum from work we went to a pub and had a nice evening meal where the boys could then give me their present and cake (because Jaydon doesn't think a birthday is a birthday without cake, bless him!)   

Candice thought of such a good a present this year and it's unlikely to be anything anyone who's not into that type of thing will appreciate but it's something I appreciate immensely! She got me a Harry Potter themed bracelet which has 25 charms on it and she made it so I could open 1 every day for advent so when I opened it I had 15 to catch up on and it's just really pretty and such a nice a gift. 

Unfortunately I can't put any pictures up Jayden actually in his Carol concert because of the whole thing about other kids but you can still see Jaydude as a donkey though :) 

As always, thank-you for reading and chat soon. 

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