12 Days of Christmas || Day 4 || I'm a bit of a failure...

Hey guys, Now I promise there will be more Christmasy blogposts just I figured I should still keep you up to date with hospital stuff and unfortunately just because it's Christmas and December that stuff doesn't just stop as much as we wish it would sometimes, but I promise there's hot chocolate goodness coming, Santa goodness, Birthday goodness, decoration goodness all that lovely jazz. 
So on Monday I had to wake up at a ridiculous time and make my way to the Royal Berkshire Hospital which is in Reading so luckily only about an hour or so down the M4 for me. The plan was to have my PH studies. 

For Ph studies they needed to do two tests. The first one was where they stick a probe up your nose and down the back of you throat and then down into your tummy. Whilst it's there you have to have it there for 15 minutes and during this time they ask you to swallow some pieces of bread, water etc. this is so they can see how well you oesophagus is functioning and whether the acid reflux is to do with a malfunctioning oesophagus. The second test was then supposed to be where they stick a NG tube up your nose down your throat into the stomach again and its meant to stay there for 24 hours and you are supposed to eat as normally as possible so they can monitor how much acid is happening and how far up your throat it's going and all of that lovely stuff. Now then lets just say mine didn't go quite to plan. 

I have small nasal canals, I know this and I've known this for about 4 years. When I had to have a endoscopy about 4 years ago they couldn't get the camera up my nose and therefore resorted to just going through my mouth and down my throat. I kind of hoped this wouldn't cause a problem this time because the probe was smaller than the camera which it was but there was just no physical way of getting it down the right hand side of my nose we tried a lot and eventually it just ended up with my nose bleeding so we gave up with that side and decided to give the left side a go. The left side was a bit more co-operative we managed after a few attempts to get it into my throat but I ended up gagging a lot and so they removed it just so we all knew I was now used to what it would feel like and we could try again. I kind of knew my gag reflex would play a part in this as well because my gag reflex is super sensitive, when I was having bronchoscopies they learnt to sedate me a little before they sprayed the disgusting stuff in my throat or they'd have to deal with me gagging for about 15 minutes before they could do anything LOL. Anyway so we tried again and after a few more attempts managed to get it back up the left side of my nose and I was swallowing the tube but the gagging was just awful and then I started gasping for air which wasn't so great and it honestly felt like I was choking and couldn't breathe. The nurses decided to stop because it was potentially the tube maybe hitting my vocal chords and unfortunately I already have a lazy vocal chord and it was posing a potential danger to it so it was best to stop because there was no way I could have possibly stayed there with it in for 15 minutes.

After everything was out I couldn't have the second test because to be able to do it you have to have the results from the first test. So "well done" me. I asked if they could possibly put the probe down through my mouth but they said that was probably as equally as dangerous because there's no camera to tell them where they are going and more risk to my vocal chords. They said what we will do is they will get hold of my consultants at Papworth and suggest doing an actual endoscopy with a camera where I'm hopefully sedated and they can get all the results they would have had from that test and then also attach a 'capsule' to the inside of my oesophagus which will then monitor for 48 hours what's going on in there and then will transmit all of it's results to a machine I would carry for those 2 days. So it's essentially the same procedure just without all the gagging and gasping I would presume LOL. 

It's a bit frustrating because I just wish I could have done it, it would have gotten it over and done with and I'm just a bit annoyed at myself for not being able to do it, I feel a bit stupid for not being able to do it. Why does my nose and vocal chords have to be so stupid?! Hey Ho I'm hoping I can just put it out of my mind and not worry until after Christmas as I doubt anything will be happening until after then now anyway but at least I'm back on my stomach pills and omg guys you really don't realise what something does for you until it's gone! lol. 

As always, thank-you for reading and chat soon. 

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