12 days of Christmas || Day 6 || Decorations...

Right guys, Decorations! If you know me or at leat read last years Blogmas post about decorations you will know that I usually abhor putting up decorations it's normally my least favourite part of Christmas. I love them once they're done but the actual process usually stresses me out and I get annoyed easily with it. This year however I have been very excited and very much in the decoration spirit and I very luckily got to decorate two trees. I had a lot of fun doing both :). 

The first tree as seen below was completely new and we had to go out and buy everything for it and I had so much fun picking out new things to go on it we went for a mismatch vibe because themes are boring and I love a tree that has everything on it not just one colour, not just baubles but like everything on it and I think we did a great job. We even added little lollypops in little stockings and clipped on with pegs for the man that loves his sweeties. We even got very crafty and wrapped boxes and stuff to hide the tree stand and made angels too. I really had a lot of fun doing this tree, it was the least stressed I've ever been decorating a tree :) 

Tree number two was my family tree which has years worth of baubles collected on it and it's always a very nostalgic experience for me to do and once again it's a bib bob tree with no theme unless you class bit bob as a theme lol. I'm hoping that after this years experience decorating at christmas is starting to grow on me maybe. I hope so anyway because I love decorations just the putting up has always put me off but this year I just had so much fun with it. Maybe this is what happens when you get older? I don't know well I'm sure we'll find out next Christmas hey :)

As always, thank-you for reading and chat soon. 

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