12 Days of Christmas || Day 8 || Santa...

Since Candice's (big sister) kids came along it has become sort of a tradition to take them to see Santa. I'm assuming this isn't unusual and something a lot of people do. I guess for me though it's special because now that there's 3 of them it nice seeing them grow up and do it and it's more exciting for them. We did it last year and Spencer really wasn't that interested in it because he wasn't even 2 yet but this year both Spence and Jaydon were really into it and it was so cute just seeing them transfixed on Santa. Skyler probably won't be interested in Santa for about 2 more years because she's only 9months old at the moment and I really don't think she cared and if one of the photos I have is anything to go by she was scared of Santa LOL.

We went back to a place called Whitehall Garden Centre which is not far from where we live in Lacock. We went there last year and back this year and it was still just as good. They have all these really pretty displays which they obviously change every year because they weren't the same as last year. And in the lead up to seeing Santa there's like a little elf village that you walk through ad it's really cute and kind of just makes it real for the kids I guess. Then at the end there's a massive room with pillows for all the kids to sit on and watch Santa as he reads them a story and it's just so cute to watch and once Santa has done his bit they can go into the "warehouse" where they get to pick a toy and they get given a little Christmas tree as well. It's something I love to watch because it's so cute that they still believe in something like that and I don't want them to ever grow out of it :-D.    

The Garden centre itself is really nice. They have a ice rink as well for people to go on and cute little cafe's to go into and they sell the prettiest decorations for trees. We did leave it a bit late going this year though which did make the experience some what stressful for me because there was just about a billion people around and rather than feeling like you were shopping it was more being shuffled along with the crowd. It's why I tend not to shop very much throughout December and tend to stick to online shopping when December hits because that kind of shopping just stresses me out and I end up apologising when I get shoved by somebody when I didn't even do anything and I'm pretty sure the human race just loses any sense of common decency at this time of the year :-/ 

As always, thank-you for reading and chat soon. 

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