12 Days of Christmas || Day 9 || Birthday...

I turned TWENTY FIVE the other day. Yep I am that old :-/ trust me guys I'm feeling the old-ness. Luckily having a twin sister has it's perks and I'm not doing the old thing alone, so at least I have company as I slowly decay. Anyway swerving away from mine and my sisters old-ness we did therefore have a birthday. It was a quiet affair this year for which I'm thankful for. I opened some gifts with my parents early in the morning before my mum went to work and then me and my dad had the morning to ourselves where we both watched Jurassic World which was one of my presents and neither of us had seen it yet. I was actually really impressed with it considering what a classic the original Jurassic Park is I was very impressed and I'm pleased it didn't seem to go on for too long which I think they could potentially have done but they didn't so thumbs up from me and my dad. 

Then Megan, our friend Gina and I went out for afternoon tea. We went to Bowood which is about a 40 minute drive from where I live and Bowood is lovely I would recommend Bowood to anyone looking for  lovely place to visit I however wouldn't recommend their afternoon tea. We were all a bit disappointed with it if we're honest. I liked their Scone but that's about it. It was nice though for us to all you know sit around and chat and do all that stuff but like I said to Meg we'd never had their afternoon tea before so we didn't know what to expect and at least now we know not to have it again and go somewhere else if that's what we want :).

I didn't get to see my little niece and nephews on my actual Birthday but did the day after and you will hear all about that in tomorrows blog but for now here are some pictures of my actual day :)

As always, thank-you for reading and chat soon. 

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