My FIRST post Transplant Christmas...

So I've just come on my blog all at the ready to tell you about my first Christmas Post transplant and what do I discover? Well it looks like I forgot to do Day 12 of my 12 days of Christmas. Ugh I am most annoyed with myself as I had it all planned as well Hey ho! I can try again next year, maybe I'll be more prepared and get a bunch of them written in November rather than doing them all in December but then in my mind that kind of defeats the purpose of the whole thing. Never mind I will give it another go next year :). 

Right lets get on with actual Christmas! The morning was a quiet affair in the house this year, just me and mum again, my dad was at work but I was up and about at 5am (I had restless and achy legs from playing Badminton on the Monday) and instead of going downstairs immediately I decided to do my hair before I went down. I headed down at about 5:30 to a insane amount of presents. We're downsizing next year. It took about an hour for me and mum to open them all and I got some wonderful gifts that I'm so beyond grateful for. A particular favourite of mine this year is something really silly but something I really appreciate and it's a Chewits selection box LOL. I'm eating chocolate again but still not to the extent I used to and that kind of selection box was very much appreciated this year. I also got lots of other gifts that I loved too :-) This year I even got gym gear as presents which I was massively chuffed with! Who'd of ever thought me getting gym gear hey? 

I had a few people to ring and it was lovely speaking to them on Christmas day, I got to spread my excitement around a little and me and mum organised the little nephews present for them for when they arrived at around midday. It was a train set that i took so much time setting up and displaying like you know a professional one and they then proceeded to demolish it LOL. They enjoyed it though which is the main thing. We had a lovely Christmas lunch although no turkey this year which I was pleased about because I'm not a massive turkey fan, I love Chicken but Turkey just isn't as nice Candice, Warren, Skyler and the boys stayed till about 3pm so they could get home and play on their toys as they had been so good and all they wanted to do was get home and play (As they should.) 

Me and mum actually went for a little afternoon stroll which was quite nice and didn't feel like I had been completely and totally lazy all day. It was nice seeing all the families walking around with their dogs and just together. Me and mum however proceeded to spend the rest of the day being lovely and lazy, we both got in a nice nap and I got to watch my christmas day TV, FYI Doctor Who was freaking awesome the best Christmas Day Doctor Who I have seen in a while!

I hope you all had lovely days too which, family or friends or whomever you spend it with :-)


As always, thank-you for reading and chat soon. 


  1. It sounds like you had such a wonderful Christmas....Such a special one for you!
    Lovely photos x

  2. I'm so happy you had a great christmas! You're looking so well Stacie and wishing you the very very best for the new year! x
    Gina xx | www.lifeandlights.com

  3. Wow....looking great stacie. May 2016 bring you all the stuff you have missed out on x

  4. Aww hope you had the most wonderful of Christmas sweets!!

    Megan xo
    Thumbelina Lillie | UK Beauty & Fashion Blog


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