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It's been a while since I started driving now. I'm definitely taking the slow and steady approach to it though, I was never going to be one of those people who do any sort of intensive course because firstly that would massively stress me out but secondly I don't think I would have coped well having that much car information shoved on me in that space of time. So any way I thought I'd update you all on my driving progress thus far. 

First and foremost, I passed my Theory test. I wasn't sure it would happen quite frankly,  I was getting so stressed out about the Hazard perception part of the test that I honestly thought no matter how much I practised or did it I would fail that part of it. The computer, in my mind, had it completely against me! I kept seeing the sodding hazards before the computer wanted me to be seeing them so then I tried a new tactic and thought hey if I'm seeing them to early just click a bit after but nooooo.... clicking a bit later ended up being too late. At a certain point I just gave up and was like "if I keep doing this I'm just going to stress myself out too much and turn into a wreck, just go in there and see what happens." So that's what I did. I knew I would pass the question part of the theory  because that was easy it was literally just the hazard bit and I really do think that if I hadn't passed that part of it I may have given up the whole driving thing altogether and as dramatic as that sounds I really think I would have, just because I don't want to do things that stress me out it's just not worth it, for me anyway. But put that aside I passed and that's all that matters :-). 

Driving however does stress me out a bit but not in the bad 'I want to pull my hair out' kind of stress more in the 'I'm not naturally good at this and that's annoying' kind of stress which is the kind of stress I expected and that's not a surprise to me. Driving a Automatic is much, much better for me though because it takes all the pressure off as in driving a manual was so, so stressful for me personally and this just doesn't have that pressure to it. Today (29th Jan) I think was the first time that I actually felt kind of comfortable at the wheel, like I was controlling the car and it wasn't controlling me like it always seems to be. I don't think my driving instructor has that much patience with me though which is slightly frustrating for me because I really am trying but I just think he gets a bit impatient with me at times, he also seems to take great offence when I say I can't do a lesson a certain day if I happen to have a appointment or am at my boyfriends which I find very odd. Hey ho it might just be case of him having to get used to me more. Although saying that I feel like I should get impatient with him, he never seems to be able to decide what speed I should be going at he's always going "A bit faster please." Then the second I am "Oh no a bit slower please." and it's like that constantly for 2 hours :-/ I mean seriously make up your mind! 

I do find I get distracted quiet easily when I'm in the car as well so when I eventually can drive I'm going to be one of those horrible people who say "don't talk to me while I'm driving" I'll be fine if people are talking to each other in the car it's just if a question is directed at me that I'm like "Who? What? Where? Why?" and the next thing I'll know I will have hit a curb or a bush or a car or a person or a anything really lol.  

So I guess to sum up my driving so far, it's coming along it's just going to be a while before I can actually drive because that's unfortunately the type of person I am when it comes to these types of practical situations. In an ideal world I would be a millionaire and I would be able to afford a chauffeur and therefore wouldn't have to put myself throguh the stress of learning how to drive LOL.  
As always, thank-you for reading and chat soon. 

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