Silver linings...

This time three years ago I was taking part in a campaign that the TV channel ITV had come up with,  their "From the Heart" campaign, it was the first time I was going to have to be on live TV and I remember being very scared about it because I was panicking that I would look like a whale, or I'd swear and considering it was live there was no taking that back if that happened (I swear a lot more than people tend think I do :-/), or I was just scared that people wouldn't like me and that they'd basically boo me away. That's not how it went, I got to take both my sisters with me, we met McFly, we met Lorraine Kelly and Aled Jones and everyone was very lovely. The campaign also seemed to be a great success and everyone involved did a fantastic job. At the time I was 10 months into waiting on the list, I wasn't wearing oxygen all the time and this was before I had been put on my IV line in my chest. I remember after this point I did get quite ill and it was only a few months later that the IV line became vital and necessary part in keeping me alive which was closely followed by my first false alarm.  

The campaign though, included lots of people and lots of people my age as it happened, it was the first time I had properly got involved in anything transplant I guess because anything media based before was usually very much PH based. I saw a few of the news bits of various different people in the same situation I was in and one of those included my (now) friend Bernice. I thought I'd track her down on Twitter (adding someone on Facebook is a bit creepy if you don't know them lol) and I started talking to her. It was unusual how easily me a Bernice just clicked. We become very good friends very quickly. Besides the fact that both of us were waiting for a transplant we are both so similar and that's probably why we found it so easy to be friends. Also within the transplant world you can seem to be friends with all these people and never have met them and that isn't unusual in that kind of situation. We basically became friends over junk food, disney, Harry Potter, Doctor Who and other various tv shows LOL. 

Today it's been 3 years to that day and we always seem to acknowledge today, I'm not sure why but we do and I like it. Normally we send each other a card or a little present but we're waiting till our friend Kath's Book launch on the 28th. Some times when you're angry at your lot in life (And I was angry a lot) you kind of have to find the silver lining and all the friends I gained from my situation were very much, and still are, my silver lining. The amazing friends I gained from my situation and equally theirs sometimes made it worth it. I'm not saying that I'm pleased I was ill and dying and that they were too but some good things come out of horrible situations and Bernice most certainly was one of those good things, as were many other people, but to have one of my best and undoubtedly life long friends come out of that situation is amazing :-) 

As always, thank-you for reading and chat soon. 

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  1. This is such a lovely post! I completely get what you're saying, some situations in life are just too horrible so if there's any small positive that comes from it, it's worth holding on with both hands xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Travel, Food, Italy


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