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As a kid I was never one of those girls who was super excited about "becoming a woman" as it were. I never relished in the idea that at some point my body would bleed every month I mean honestly who would?! Really?! There were those girls though, I remember them vividly and I always thought them very strange and the fact they went on about it and talked about it all the time was even odder to me. That part of my life, to this day, I very rarely speak about. I've spoken to my mum, my very closest friends, my sisters, my boyfriend and my doctors about it, but only when asked, it's definitely not something that I offer up information on voluntarily. 

Why am I talking about this on here then? Well I'm 25 now people and do you know what that means? A SMEAR TEST... (yay?) This is one of the things that I knew if I got my transplant I would have to do and I've been dreading it. When I was put on the transplant list they had literally just changed the rules because it used to be that you had to get a smear test at the age of 21 and it was something I was worrying intensely about, but then... they changed the rules they increased the age to 25 and I literally was jumping around for joy because that was one less test I was going to have to get done before I could be put on the transplant list and I couldn't have been more thrilled about it. I have never liked the idea of some random doctor or nurse fiddling around... down there... it's just not something I ever really wanted to have done. The closest doctors or nurses have ever come is when I was younger and I had about a billion Right Heart Catheters that were always done through the groin but I was always knocked out so there was no unpleasant looking doctors or nurses in the eyes whilst they did it. Then the next closest would have to be when I had to have my catheter after my transplant  but that wasn't too embarrassing but I was just more concerned about having the really uncomfortable tube removed from my body than overly concerned about where it was or what they were doing I just knew I wanted it gone LOL. 

So today I had the wonderfully pleasant experience of waiting until 4pm to have my first ever smear test. I was worried about it all day, luckily I had a driving lesson before hand so that kind of took my mind off of it for a little bit. I turned up at the GP where obviously they were running late and I wasn't sure whether I wanted a nurse that I knew or not, do you know what I mean? I wasn't sure whether having a nurse that I knew, liked and saw quite regularly would be good or bad because does having a nurse that I like and know quite well make it even more awkward? or would it be better to just have a nurse that I've never metl and will never see ever again make the experience much better? As it was I got a nurse that I do like and see quite a lot, it's a pretty small GP surgery.

Honestly though? The experience wasn't too bad. They ask you a few routine questions which are simple enough then the awkward bit happens they ask you to get unchanged from the waist down and cover yourself with that paper stuff that they stick on their beds and then they stick a very cold instrument up... there... and it's a bit uncomfortable but I can't say it was horrendous it didn't hurt and when they actually take the swab you can barely feel it. I think the fact I had a nurse I know made it easier because we just chatted about stuff we normally chat about and it just made it seem like a normal ordinary appointment, which admittedly it probably is for her just not for me. The whole appointment probably lasted about a maximum of 5-7 minutes tops and it probably would have been shorter if I hadn't talked to her so much LOL. 

I was extremely nervous for this but now that I've had it done I know that I'd be fine to do it again. It's nice to get rid of that fear and now if I had any problems I feel like I might be less anxious or nervous or afraid to mention them, which can only be a good thing. Apparently I'll get sent the results in the post and that could take a few weeks but I'm not expecting anything untoward to occur it was simply a routine thing that I had to have done.    

As always, thank-you for reading and chat soon. 

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  1. Glad to hear it was ok! I've been dreading this for a while too and was worried my nerves would make it worse but if you were ok, hopefully I will be too :) thanks for sharing! xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Travel, Food, Italy


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