Blickling Hall...

Hey guys! So as of late I've been spending a fair bit of time in the Norfolk region of the country and I don't share a lot of what I get up to whilst I'm there mainly because it's been winter and the weather has been horrible and therefore I'm not very motivated to get out and about when it's freezing but that being said I thought I'd share a little place that I went to this week called Blickling Hall. Warning Picture heavy post lol.  

Pre transplant, these type of places were really a no go for me because there would just be too much walking involved in visiting a place like this and we know I was always a little bit stubborn when it came to using a wheelchair. Blickling Hall had all these beautiful gardens and are beautiful to wonder around  and even though we're only just getting into spring even without leafy trees and lots of flowers it was all still really pretty and kind of just reminded me of "the secret garden" before the end of the movie when it becomes all beautiful and flowery at the end and there actually was a secret garden as well! You can tell we're reaching spring as well because there were so many Daffodils around, some may have gotten a little squished though after someone may have rolled down the hill in them lol! 

It was lovely to just be able to walk around there and it kind of made me happy that I managed to do 10,000 steps in one go because I've just not been up to scratch lately with my steps but I have been feeling unusually tired lately so I'll be asking Papworth about that next week at clinic :) hopefully it's just a bug coming on or maybe my iron's a bit low of something, I'm sure it's nothing a little blood test won't figure out. 

I can't wait till we're in full blown spring and summer though and I'd love to visit it again when all the flowers are out and the trees are all leafy and green again. I'm really starting to look forward to summer and spring and getting out and about in it. Summer has never been something I've really looked forward to because heat is just not something I've ever dealt very well with and although I still imagine that's the case I think I'll appreciate it all much, much more now and probably deal with it much better than I ever used to because at least now my lungs will be able to breathe in the heat which I reckon will make everything so much easier :) So I'm a very excited Stacie at the moment.  

As always, thank-you for reading and chat soon. 

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