Hello my lovely, lovely lot. SO I know it's been a while since I blogged but I thought one nice big blog to get you all up to speed with life lately although saying that the past 5 days have been super lazy on my part but I still have a few things to update you on so lets do it. 

Last week I got to  go to my wonderful Friend Kath's Book Launch which I blogged about in [this post] and I was so excited to go because I knew there was going to be quite a few of us transplant folk there (although this also made me nervous too.) Kath held it in the same place that her daughters Wedding reception was in which I was meant to attend back in June but of course my transplant had only just happened and apparently according to doctors going to a wedding a week after you have a transplant isn't a good idea. I think I was perfectly fine though ;-) It was so lovely though, it was in a barn which was beautiful and Kath did lots of signing of her book she was like a proper little celebrity and she looked so amazing! Me and Bernice kept saying how it felt like being a proud parent. Rob made a speech and he mentioned how there were lot of different transplant people there One kidney (My lovely friend Jacqui) Two Heart transplant people, Two Double Lung Transplant people and Six Heart and Double Lung Transplant people. To be a majority is very unusual for a Heart and Double Lung transplant recipient but it was very cool. We got to have tea and cakes and scones as well so I think me and Bernice were in our element :-D 

The Day after that I got to go to another Book thing where Mark's friend Keiron Pim was doing a talk before a showing of a film called "Performance" because he wrote a book called  Jumpin' Jack Flash: David Litvinoff & the Rock'n'Roll Underworld which has a lot to do with that film :-) Honestly I was a tad confused through the movie but then it was from the 70's and I'm pretty sure it was meant to make you feel like you were on drugs whilst watching it. I may have made a stupid comment afterwards as well as there was this dude in the movie who apparently was Mick Jagger, I thought it was a bloke playing Mick Jagger but apparently not it was Mick Jagger playing a down and out musician person anyway I may have said afterwards "So was Mick Jagger in a band?" I can only simply roll my eyes at myself but in my defence I know very little about current pop culture, let alone pop culture from the 70's and yes I know The Rolling Stones are supposed to be these legend type people but still that means very little in my head lol. I'm going to have to read the book now though as it did seem really interesting! 

My little Niece turned ONE on Wednesday! That year went by So unbelievably fast although it feels like a lifetime ago as well It's hard to remember what life was like without Skyler in the world and I was also extremely ill when she was born as well yet it's hard for me to really remember how ill I felt the day she was born I just know that I did feel horrid. It's very strange to not remember what that kind of pain feels like especially when it was this all encompassing thing in my life for so long and Skyler will never know the me I was when I had Pulmonary Hypertension she'll only know the me I am with my transplant which is nice, she'll probably see me in a bad state at some point but hopefully that's far off in future and she'll be old enough to understand what's going on as will her brothers. She had a little party today to celebrate which was fun and she's becoming more a little person every-time that I see her.  

Other than that though I have been fairly lazy this week as my FitBit can testify. I'm a bit chesty at the moment and quite frankly the weather has not been very inspiring either lol. So TV marathons, lazy sofa days, a drink in a pub or two and a bit of socialising has been just what the doctor ordered :-) 

As always, thank-you for reading and chat soon. 

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