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Hello my lovely, lovely humans. 

Right, so, last week on Wednesday I went to Papworth because as we all know I was having a few issues with my Lung Function and it not being as high as it should be on my home machine. The utter relief I felt just being at Papworth was wonderful because I kind of just felt like I could stop worrying and that I was finally at the place that could sort me out and deal with whatever the problem was. 

The main things were my X-Ray and my Lung Function test. My x-ray looked nice and clear but my Lung Function was down. Back in March my Lung Function had been at it's highest at 81% and last week it was 73%. 73% is still really good and I could have only have dreamt of a 73% lung function a year ago but it's still a 8% drop which means there is obviously something going on inside. So everyone put their little noggins together and it was decided that I should go on IV antibiotics so it was great that I didn't need a Bronchoscopy but this also meant they had to teach me how to mix and make up the IV's because they wanted me to do them from home. Honestly this isn't something that bothered me very much because I had been mixing up a very temperamental drug everyday for 2 years previous to my transplant anyway so a few IV's weren't going to be too difficult to learn. 

As much as it doesn't bother me having to do them and I would much rather be doing them at home than stuck in hospital, I didn't realise how sick and tired they would make me feel. It's been a while since I've been on IV's and the last time was when I woke up from my transplant so I had so much other stuff going on at the time I probably didn't have time to notice those antibiotics. I'm on two different ones, one goes in 3 times a day and it's called Tazobactam and another called Azactam which I'm on twice a day. I can honestly say the Azactam is horrible it leaves a weird taste in my mouth for some reason even though I'm injecting it into my arm which is beyond strange and it is SO unbelievably painful going in. I managed not to cry last night doing it but before that lets just say I've cried a lot in the past week whilst doing these (feel sorry for my boyfriend he's the one who's had to deal with me lol.) 

It's going to be okay though I only have to keep doing them till Saturday and then I can just look forward to Holiday which is next week now so that's my main focus and the thing getting me through.    I just hope my line in my arm holds out till Saturday because I can't be dealing with hospitals or having to trek it back up to Papworth again lol. 

I would say this is my first thing this year where I've been properly worried about my health and it's quite remarkable how easy it is to get complacent about your health and I'm not surprised about people who don't sign up to the donor register really because when you're in good health and everything is going well why are you going to think about dying. I've gotten complacent in the sense I got used to just doing tablets again so it's a bit of a shock to the system to be drawing up drugs again and having a line in again. I had a bath today and it was so uncomfortable my left arm was hanging out of the bath at some weird angle so I wouldn't get it wet and it just reminded me of "those" days when having a bath was just a horrendous experience. Luckily today it was merely uncomfortable and slightly annoying not energy sapping and exhausting whilst also being uncomfortable and annoying.

Irritatingly I rung my GP today to get my line taken out on Monday and frustratingly it's Bank Holiday Monday (and my Transplant anniversary) so instead I will be going to the Walk-in centre on Saturday to have my line taken out so maybe it's a blessing in disguise and the universe doesn't want me spending my anniversary in a GP surgery :-)  

As always, thank-you for reading and chat soon

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