Catching up...

Hello my lovely lot. Long time no speak I guess... 

So in classic Stacie fashion this is more of a life update not that there's too much to update you on but there you have it, you know I can ramble lol.

The past few weeks haven't been that eventful as they go, the past week I have been massively enjoying the weather we've been having and was lucky enough to escape to some beautiful coastal places up in Norfolk. I had to get used to putting sun cream on again, I honestly hate the stuff though it's so greasy and just makes you feel gross. I've been told I now have some colour on my face but I'm not burnt so at least I did it right and it was good practise for when I jet off to Portugal next month so at least I know I can deal with sun without getting burnt and coming back looking like a tomato. 

I'm having a bit of a lung function issue at the moment which isn't great. When I had my lung infection my lung function dropped which is okay that happens and isn't unusual but It's been nearly 4 weeks since that the initial lung function drop and my lung function hasn't really come back up. I'm a bit worried about it because drop in lung function and persistent drop screams to me rejection and that's all that is going through my head at the moment. That being said I'm trying to be proactive about it Papworth have moved my clinic forward to May 31st so that gives me a few weeks to try and get it back up a bit. Also I'm still coughing a lot and have phlegm coming up so I'll be booking an appointment with my GP to see if she can hear anything on my chest because it could just be that the infection never completely cleared in which case we just need to hopefully have another whack with the antibiotics. The good thing though is whatever it is Papworth can have a look at me on the 31st and just make sure I'm okay to head off to Portugal on the 3rd. 

I think once I've seen my GP I'll be more calm about the whole situation because I do personally think the infection just never properly cleared. I'm trying to get back into being really good with my exercise as well. I feel Like I definitely have become complacent with it because my weight is at a nice stable place so I don't really have a need to be doing tonnes of exercise to shift some pounds but then it's not great for the little organs. I just need to find the motivation again to keep at the exercise. I think the fact that I'm more easily out of breathe at the moment doesn't really help with that because my whole life being out of breathe is bad, you stop what you're doing and get your breathe back and then you carry on. It's hard for me to get past that kind of mentality that I've had for so long and even though I'm 11 and half month post transplant now it's definitely still there for me.      

It's all good though and I'll get my lung function back up where it needs to be and Papworth don't seem overly concerned enough that they want me there as soon as possible so that puts my mind at ease also.

It's all very exciting though at the moment because in 19 days it will be 1 year since my transplant and that is mind blowing and a massive milestone that I wanted to reach and then in 23 days I'm off to Portugal which is just as exciting because it will be my first ever holiday. My first ever plane ride (Proper plane ride we don't count when I was a baby or when I was 5 on a RAF plane lol). I'm being so annoying about it, I'm constantly asking a billion questions about fluid limits, weight limits, my drugs, what's out there etc. etc. literally I'm just asking about everything. It's the way I get through things I like to know everything so I can be prepared for any and all eventualities. I know it's annoying though but it worked for my transplant so I figure it'll work for all the other aspects of my life too. It will be very interesting to see how I am on a plane though I'm not sure how it'll go especially with how anxious I get but I'm still excited about it, even the plane bit, it's something I've always wanted to do and now I'm finally getting to do it :-D    

As always, thank-you for reading and chat soon

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