Wimbledon, year two...

Hello my fabulous humans. 

Soooo we know how I'm kind of recovering and trying to be you know resting and relaxing whilst also trying to build up strength? And you know how I wanted to start off fairly slowly and just build it up gradually? Yeah well The opportunity to go to Wimbledon again this year cropped up and I mean who am I to say no? I'm only a girl who absolutely loves Wimbledon more than another sporting event on the planet, right? 

It was People's Sunday! For those of you unaware when it comes to Wimbledon the first Sunday of the tournament is the tennis players rest day they don't normally play any tennis on it, however this year they've had a fair bit of rain and therefore the matches have run behind and they weren't where they needed to coming in for the second week of Wimbledon. Maybe not fab for them or their tennis players but totally amazing for those of us able to get tickets for their catch up Sunday! It's literally the 4th time in Wimbledon history that they've had to do it and Mark was absolutely amazing and managed to get us tickets!

Admittedly I was extremely anxious saying yes to going because I wasn't sure how I or my lungs were going to cope with it. Last year I was running off of initial post transplant adrenaline and this year I was going with a depleted lung function and a body that aches like nothing I've felt for a while. I'm also an anxious traveller as well and getting trains and tubes by myself was a challenge that I'm not used to but I'm actually super proud of myself for doing it because it reminds me that stuff like that isn't as scary as I build it up in my head to be but I'm fine as long as I have a plan and know what I'm doing. If things had started going a bit tits up I'm not sure how well I would have done in that situation but everything was great for me yesterday and I feel like that's a little hurdle that I can say I safely crossed :)

This years experience was different to last years and I'm so chuffed I've been able to experience it in such different ways. Last year we did the whole VIP thing which was lovely and we got to experience the whole behind the scenes thing which was amazing but because we had to do the whole schmoozing thing last year we didn't see as much tennis as we would have liked. This year I saw like 5 games!!! Which was really cool! My favourite was the doubles match that we managed to sneak into and watch, doubles is actually super interesting and I'm really chuffed we managed to see that one. This year I even managed to get into the Wimbledon Shop and I've brought little bits to go in my scrap book like a bookmark and headband and I brought postcards. I'm so excited about it all. Completely and totally extortionate mind and I paid £15 for postcards! But I couldn't help myself. 

It was decided that if we manage to go next year a picnic is an absolutely MUST! I literally ate some strawberries and that was it yesterday and therefore had to devour a McDonalds when I got home LOL. I really wish my lungs had been on better form being there but I still had such an amazing time and a little bit of a blip health wise was not going to stop me for a second. I honestly don't and won't ever take what I'm able to do now for granted I feel so absolutely honoured that I was able to go again this year and I will never take the people in my life that enable these things to happen for granted either. I realise how insanely lucky I am and I feel like for the rest of my life I will forever be saying thank-you but I am so thankful everyday even when things are a little bit hard. 

Life is amazing! 

As always, thank-you for reading and chat soon

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