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Hi guys!! So ths morning a blogger friend of mine messaged me to let me know that Cosmo have brought back their blogger awards by a new name "Cosmopolitan influencer awards" which I actually think soumds really good. I debated whether I should do this post because I was shortlisted for Best Lifestyle blog back in 2013 and 2014 and I got to attend two amazing parties which I enjoyed a lot. The thing is that was in the thick of waiting for my Heart and Double Lung transplant and I feel like I was reaching people a lot more then. I've also been debating whether I can be seen as a "influencer." I've come to the conclusion I can.
I'm not the biggest blogger out there and I don't take any of the offers that are offered to me simply because this blog is for me. This blog is me, when you read it you are reading me, I write this for me for my sanity really and it helps me more than people know. I don't write it for views however people do read it and with that I just hope that people leave with a better understanding of Organ Donation and what it can do. I hope I provide positivity but with the honesty and openness that I'm known for, I don't sugar coat things and will never do so. I hope that if I am influencng people I'm doing so in a positive way, I've recieved a lot of messages off of people over the 4 years in similar situatons to myself and even people who have no connection to Organ Donation or Pulmonary Hypertension whatsoever that suggest they take something away when they read my blog and that has always left a warm fuzzy feeling inside that I'm able to affect or help people in even the smalest way. I hope I influence anyway and if not I hope I at least show people that even in the most adverse situations, which I've been in a few, that life is never over and there's always somethng that come from any given situation

So my lovely lot if you want to nominate me for "Best Lifestyle Influencer" then please feel free to do so and head on over to the --> "Cosmopolitan influencer Awards 2016"

The little form is really straight forward and easy and if not thanks for reading anyway I'll be doing another blog really soon and I will chat then :) 

As always, thank-you for reading and chat soon

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