So things are... okay. I absolutely refuse to say we're turning a corner because I'm not sure we'll ever turn a corner until I get my transplant but we're peeking I think, we're peeking around the corner. Last week was awful I felt horrendous and the past week has been exhausting for me. Shifting all this stuff in my lungs has been so difficult, I've never been good at shifting stuff I get so tired bringing it up I usually find I can't get it up enough to actually spit it out and doctors get frustrated with me because they obviously need to see it and test it, so this week I've been managing it at least. I sound so disgusting and I've felt like I've been drowning at some points this week but thankfully I think we're getting somewhere. I'm coughing up a lot less stuff and the colour is changing and is a lot less green. I'm back onto just paracetamol and the pain is pretty much gone which suggests inflammation is down as well as the return or partial return of my voice. 

I'm never going to say we're moving forward or "I'm getting better" but I feel like I have my stability back even with the Pleurisy and the infection I've still been managing to do my 20 minutes on my pedals which I'm actually super proud of myself for doing. I think I missed one day and that was because i felt terrible but other than that I've been really making sure I've been doing the pedals because I know how important it is that I keep it up for when I get my transplant. 

Admittedly I am a little worried because whenever I seem to take a step forward I end up catching something or my body decides to do something and we take two steps back it's just kind of like we never sort of get anywhere it's like we're constantly playing catch-up and that's a bit frightening for me I guess because there's only so many times you can take a step back really before there's no where else to go. I just hope for the moment we can keep this level of stable-ness and I can stay well enough for Bernice's wedding which is my current "goal," it's just unfortunate that what I've found at least with this is that I can be ok one day and then within a few hours just be completely not okay, so we will see anyway. 

I'm going to be positive Stacie though and say it will last though and hopefully on Wednesday at clinic they will say all is hunky dory and I can try and actually get some stuff done! If you can actually believe it it's nearly November and I haven't actually started Christmas shopping yet and it's stressing me out beyond belief! LOL  

As always, thank-you for reading and chat soon

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