2016 was good...

Hello everyone!!! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas! Mine isn't quite over just yet, me and Mark didn't spend it together and therefore are having our own Christmas this weekend which I am the most excited person in the world for! I just cannot wait to give him his presents, it took me a while to get into present buying this year but once I did I really got into it so therefore I'm excited, I actually love giving presents more than I do receiving them. So that's going on this weekend. I had a lovely Christmas with my Mum and Dad, it was exactly what I wanted quiet and peaceful and just easy, we popped to visit Candice and the kids for an hour and that was fun as well because the kids were all excited. I got some lovely gifts as well, I really appreciated the clothes I got because at the moment everything I wear is about 2/3 sizes too big for me and I'm reluctant to buy new ones because I expect to put on weight after I have my transplant but getting some new ones that actually fit is nice because now I have clothes that actually fit and I feel less like a baggy hobo all the time lol. I'm still on IV's and actually will be till next Friday now I didn't realise I was on 2 weeks worth (because I'm an idiot lol) so I'm a bit disappointed because I really wanted to spend one of my christmases IV free, but it seems that is not the case, but I'm not too bad so all in all I should not complain. 

This week has been a lot of reflecting over the year for me. A lot of celebrities have died this year and admittedly it does seem like an unusual amount but everyone seems to be saying that "2016 is such a bad year" because so and so died and for me it just seems a bit silly to put a whole year down as being bad based on a celebrity who you've potentially never met and have only listened to their music or watched their movies. I'm not saying its not sad because it is but I've always viewed life as something to celebrate not mourn and I guess I just see death as a part of life, we will all die eventually and so surely if you view a year as bad based on a celebrity death every year for you is probably going to be bad for you and I think that's really sad. 

You know I got chronic rejection this year and have been given a pretty shit prognosis and I got put back on the transplant list and I still don't view this year as bad, I've had a pretty great year:- 

- I'm alive 
- I got a baby nephew 
- I went on holiday for the first time 
- I went to Wimbledon again
- I reached 18 months with my heart and lungs 
- I saw Bernice get married 
- I helped pick Gina's wedding dress
- I'm still with my amazing boyfriend 

And just so many other little things that seem little but just add up to make such a great year, little things like getting a Birthday card off of my Nephew that he wrote entirely by himself, that is something I will cherish! I mean I started this year entirely differently to the way I'm finishing it because I started thinking I was going to be doing far more than I have and I'm ending it dying again but I have still spent a wonderful year with all the people I love. It's a year I wouldn't have had if it weren't for my donor and every year is a GREAT year regardless of who dies, who becomes President or Prime Minister, what's happening politically, what celebrity passed away this week, who cheated on whoever. For every moment I am breathing that makes that moment a good one and I might be sad, exhausted, frustrated or angry in that moment but that does not make it any less significant or great. 

I usually make some kind of resolutions at the end of the year but really I can't make any this year, my main focus is staying as well as I can for my transplant, focusing on staying the positive person I am and not letting outside influences affect that, because I too easily let other things distract me from what I really should be focusing on which for the moment is my health. I plan on still living as fully as I can, while I can, and just doing as much as we can to make life fun even whilst I'm this ill. I guess my resolution is just to make sure life is fun and to keep doing what we've been doing for the past 4/5 months which is just adjusting to my new ability level while still making sure I'm living :)
As always, thank-you for reading and chat soon

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