My People...

Like anyone in my situation or in a similar situation to myself I have over the years wondered "Why me?" Why am I the one who got chosen to be this strong, to have to deal with all of this? The thing is I still think that probably everyday but not in a bad way, not in a way that gets me down or upset, just in a way that I wish things could have been different. I've been so happy the past few weeks and I just don't have the drive to be upset about my situation at the moment, I'm surrounded by so many people who love me and want to make everything that I'm doing fun and fulfilling and so full of joy. I'm looking around at my life and thinking "How is it that I got this lucky?" 

On Sunday (5th Feb) the Boyfriend asked if I'd mind going to London with him and his friend who had a "Tinder Date," the idea being that we'd go and just be there in the area should the date be a dud or a murderer or whatever. He even suggested going to The Tate because I've been dying to go there (excuse the pun lol.) I was  bit tired and kind of wishing to stay in bed but I was excited about our friend having a date and thought hey it'll be a nice chance to do a impromptu trip that we haven't planned and see how we do. 

We did the tubes and that actually all went so smoothly and we ended up on the Southbank and both Mark and Rachel needed the loo and there was this pub with lots of stairs. M and R start making a tonne of fuss about these stairs and I'm just sat in my chair thinking "What the hell are they making such a fuss about these stairs for? Just leave me up here and go for the bloody loo" and that's when things started to tick in my brain M was talking to someone as if he knew them and then people who I KNEW were popping their heads around corners. Apparently this was a surprise for me. A tonne of my friends had turned up in London for the afternoon to surprise me and just have a lovely get together for me. The plan was to go up in the OXO tower and have a beautiful Afternoon tea with all my lovely friends. 

It was such a lovely surprise and a surprise it was because I didn't have a freaking clue! How am I that gullible of a person?! It was so lovely because I have a lot of friends from different aspects of my life and a lot of the time they just don't cross over so all of them mean so much to me and they all know of each other but they just never get the opportunity to meet and this was just so fantastic that they got to. 

I don't know what I did to deserve such an amazing set of friends or an amazing boyfriend who would organise it for me but people often wonder how I stay so positive in such a awful situation and it's my people. My people, I am who I am because of all of them they all make me the happy positive person that I am and I am so utterly grateful to have them in my life. 
As always, thank-you for reading and chat soon

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